Top level group by Director (like genre or decade)

Surprised that that one topic about this was subsumed under a ‘sort by country’ suggestion (which is a good one but quite different), and the director piece was left out.

And that another suggestion was subsumed under “show list of movies an actor is in” but the director version was left out.

And I suspect the reason is that one can go into a particular movie, click on the director, and see their other other movies… but that’s not what I’m asking about, and I think perhaps not what the other suggestions were about either.

Rather, there are some great top level sorting and grouping options. Examples are “Genre” or “Newly added” or “By Decade” and so on. But one of the most popular ways to organize a movie collection is by Director. In fact, there is even a word for it, Auteurism.

So, this request isn’t for the sorting from within a movie but rather to see the option to have a top level grouping by director as an option.

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There are only about 11 decade tabs (including “newest”) and 19 movie genres.

There might be thousands of directors listed in some user’s collections — there certainly would be in mine.

What you might do instead is pin a custom collection or playlist to the Home Screen for each of your favorite directors.

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Thanks for the suggestion for a workaround. Yes, this is probably what I’ll end up doing in the interim.

I suppose an automatic grouping function that ignores one off names might help with large collections like yours. Or even a variable threshold such as don’t group them unless there are three instances or whatever.

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This is actually available now.

  1. Using the Search feature, search for a Director, Actor, Writer, etc…

  2. Tap to view all the movies/shows from that person.

  3. Long-press on the person’s icon and select the ‘Pin to Home Screen’ option.

  4. Done :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that is a very cool work around.

And for people that only want to see some, rather than all, directors in this fashion, this lets them set it up for each director, one at a time.

I will likely use this from time to time if the feature I have requested in this thread isn’t implemented. But doing this for even a dozen directors will get tedious to do manually when a machine can do it so much more quickly.

I’m sorry. I wasn’t too clear about how I described the request in my first post. Or, rather, I am learning about the extent to which I was not precise enough.

This feature request seeks something akin to the other ways to sorting and grouping movies automatically at the top level, like Genre, etc:

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 9.22.03 AM

For these groupings, one doesn’t have to manually go into the movies’ details and add them — the Infuse app does that for you, if you tell it you want to have a section of movies by release date (which is devided into Decade for the most part).

I suppose one method to avoid too many entries could be the same as the Release Date default, which groups them into about ten buckets. I guess the Director view could do the same, but into 26 buckets? I mean, I wouldn’t mind a complete list at the top level, but I realize some people find that kind of list exhausting. (The ability to set a threshold like “don’t create a group consisting on one film” might help a lot too.)

Yes, I understand what you are asking for - but in practice it’s probably not very practical.

Even with a moderate library (a few hundred titles), you are going to have lists of directors with hundreds of names, and an actor list well over 1000 (many of them people you may not recognize).

Separating them by last name initial may be helpful, but now you’re already 4+ taps in so you might as well just use search?

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I guess it depends on the user and collection.

For my library it would be far fewer entries, and a far more logical manner to browse, than (for example) the “All Movies” view which, I agree, is typically too many things in a list, and organized in a non “mimetic” fashion (ie, alphabetical doesn’t relate to the content of the list in a meaningful manner).

I cannot speak to other people’s libraries. Maybe you have telemetry that shows most people have few movies by a single director? But in my library, most movies are directed by someone who has directed two or three or six or ten other movies in my collection…meaning I have more than two hundred titles, but far fewer than 100 directors.

So I’d gladly trade the “All Movies” view for a “View by Director” view, if that were an option.

I also understand that development resources are limited and this might be a niche feature request, and it’s not like this is preventing me from watching movies! I’m just always looking at ways to improve my “discovery” mechanisms.

Hi everyone,

Maybe it’s possible and I don’t know how to do it, but I don’t think so.

I love the filter “RESOLUTION” to find my 4K movies quickly and to see them displayed with their artwork.

It would be awesome to have the same thing with the directors (and sure also actors - but for my taste directors first !). We could have all the faces of the directors displayed on a same wall - I know for the moment I can find a specific director I’m looking for by the search menu. That’s already pretty good.

I see a suggestion pretty close from that dating from 2017. Any update about it ?

Many thanks,

It is…

Also I moved your post to a currently running thread with a suggestion for a like feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Yes you can manually do it. The system cannot automatically do it. (That is, you cannot toggle a setting to have a “view by director” listing. You have to go it one director at a time, and in some cases, metadata issues can be a problem. Like “one from the heart” doesn’t show up when I search for Coppola, for example, but “the conversation” does.)

Wonderful ! ! ! thanks for sharing the tips !

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