Too much syncing

Hi, thanks for the greatest tvOS/iOS player.

I don’t use iCloud sync, but would rather keep the libraries on tvOS and iOS separate.

I use the same Apple ID on all devices.

Occasionally, however, iCloud sync turns on automatically on tvOS and iOS. That means that iOS content shows up on tvOS.

It would be nice if iCloud syncing wouldn’t turn on automatically. Possibly iCloud syncing turns on if the app just has been updated and the default syncing turns on. Can the sync part be set to default to not sync? That would probably solve the issue.


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If you’ve recently installed (or reinstalled) Infuse, iCloud Sync would be turned on by default. However, if you switch it off on one device it will remain off, even after installing updates.

Alternatively, you can use iCloud sync but have different favorites selected on iOS and Apple TV in the Settings > Library menu. The selected shares will be unique to a particular device type. IE You can have one set of favorites selected for all your Apple TVs, and another set selected for iOS.

You could still use icloud for this case. You just have both favorites on both devices, but only select the one you want to use for your library. Look for the checkmarks in Library settings.

Edit - I guess James beat me to it… :slight_smile:

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Thanks James. I agree that this would be the design for the setup and the expected behaviour. However, I have three devices, iCloud sync is off on all three. Still, after update, one or more defaults to syncing anyway. That should be impossible, right? Still, that happens regularly for me.