too many "other" files despite trying known solutions

Hi, I’m new here and not extremely tech savy but I’ve set up the atv2 I got for xmas on my home network, aligned the share with my NAS and for the most part am beyond happy with using this program…but, and there’s always a but or I wouldn’t be posting right?, but I can’t get certain things to show up properly where they are supposed to. several tv shows continue to get dumped into the other category under the library view…Bones & Hawthorne & key and peele as examples. I’ve searched and read all the other posts on this subject and tried those solutions…I have tried renaming them with different variations, I’ve made sure to mark the folder as TV SHOW, I’ve even added a file folder above the one the shows are in…all to no avail. I’m unable to edit anything manually, when I hold the select button while on a specific file vs a folder I hear a sound but no option menu comes up. if I do that on the folder view I’m given the option to reload metadata. the metadata seems fine, matches the show. what am I doing wrong??


here is how I have the NAS mapped for the atv:

mybooklive\public\shared videos\television\tv shows*individual tv show folders i.e. Bones   


tv show files are named as Bones.S07E04.The male in the mail