Tonido Plug Server/aTVblack compatiblity

Hi guys!

Not sure if this belongs in atvblack beta or in general atvblack, but since im using atvblack beta figured this was more appropriate.

I would like to be able to use tonidoplug with atvblack, either acessing the server through couchsurfer or through a plug in. If you dont know what tonnidoplug is, check it out at It similar to the pogoplug, but tonido is open source and has many other benefits. 

So by connecting the tonidoplug to my router and to my 1tb drive, i can access all data through a secure url, my own personal cloud. Im wondering now, rather than having to access the drive as mentioned here  , where as your computer has to remain on and connected to the external drive, with the tonidoplug all that remain on are the router/external/and the plug itself. I find this more efficient, and would love to see it working within atv black.

I have yet to try to access the server through couchsurfer, but due to its beta testing nature, it frequently crashes, which is not that great when youre trying to watch a movie  =)   

I will receive the plug in the next day or two and will post my results, but wondering whether or not this has been tried or even considered..



I have a TonidoPlug and it works great with ATV Flash. The built in UShare shows up under XBMC for streaming.

You can also connect using Media Player, Tonido has samba sharing built into it.


I use a 1 TB drive that I boot off of and also installed Twonky Media Server (not free). This is what I use most often to stream from the Tonido to my aTV/XBMC.