Tone matching corrections for 4K HDR movies on SDR 1080p TV

I’m creating a new thread to track this particular issue:

Is there an ETA when tone matching will be fixed for 4K HEVC 10bits BT.2020 playing on SDR 1080p TVs? As of Infuse 5.6.2, tone matching is quite wrong, the picture is rendered with compressed dynamic range as if, in RGB terms, everything is squeezed into 128 levels or less for R, G, B, i.e. the movie looks much worse than its standard 1080p equivalent from Blu-ray.

Not for me. I set SDR Mode to RGB Full on Apple TV and HDR movies on my SDR set look fantastic with inky blacks.

Which movie have you watched? There are titles like Blade Runner 4K where the tone mapping defect is not immediately visible, but it certainly is with titles like Mad Max: Fury Road. Black level is not the problem - the problem is that contrast is compressed and everything is too dark.

New spider man, new transformers, mad max … everything looks great compared to 1080p version

On which TV set have you watched? Model?

@James could we please get a bit more info here when a fix can be expected? As of 5.6.2, watching HEVC HDR content on an SDR 1080p display is so broken that the statement “Infuse supports HDR” is not true, actually. So far there have only been very vague statements from your side that make it appear that this requires some very minor quality improvement that might or might not be needed, and which you keep calling “tweaks”.

It is needed and shouldn’t be “tweaks” but actual “fixes for severe bugs” because your current “solution” for handling HDR tone mapping is broken. Instead of working on support for “OneDrive for Business”, which I guess less than 0.1% of your user base actually requested, features like HDR->SDR tone mapping should be prioritized.

why do anyone wanna play 4K HDR movies on a 1080p tv?

Because a high-bitrate HEVC HDR movie downscaled to 1080p most of the time looks better than the Blu-ray. Well, it would look better if Infuse’s tone mapping weren’t so broken.

not really.

1080p movies are downscaled by the company, so this should be the best picture for 1080p

no, they don’t look better than a 1080p REMUX, you are wasting gb of unused data.

I’m sorry to say this, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Most UHD discs I have here are authored as 10bits 50-60mbps HEVC streams. All Blu-ray discs that ever were released are authored as 8bits 20-30mbps AVC streams. Downscaling a 10bits 50-60mbps HEVC stream to 1080p and tone-mapping to SDR will always beat an 8bits 20-30mbps AVC stream in terms of dynamic range and chroma/luma resolution. Not just because “the numbers are higher” but because a 8bits 20-30mbps AVC stream already truncates so much information from the DI (that’s an abbrevation of “digital intermediate”, a term you’re probably not familiar with). A 10bits 50-60mbps HEVC doesn’t, it’s much closer to the DI.

Also, there are many titles out there on UHD that have not been re-relased as proper high-bitrate Blu-ray, so getting a high-quality movie even for a 1080p display means I have to downscale from the UHD instead of waiting for a new Blu-ray release.

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Then buy a 4K HDR if you want to see the best possible picture or do you have a 10bit 1080p Panel?

Please leave the decision which movies I watch on which tv set to myself. I’m not telling you how and where to watch your movies, either.

In any case, Firecore are advertising my exact use case as something they have implemented:

“Not only can HDR videos be played in their full glory on an HDR screen, we’ve also baked in dynamic range conversion so you’ll get great color even when using older, non-HDR devices. No fiddling with transcoding or other quirky settings - just play the videos you want, and Infuse will handle the rest.”

That is clearly not the case, the dynamic range conversion is so buggy it’s of no value at all, and I’m puzzled why Firecore are prioritizing other features when they actually advertised this feature in their own blog.

is like using ferrari wheels on a fiat 500 just because they can go up to 200mph

we are answering because you are not! in speech for a lot of users cause this must not ! be prioritized as you mentioned!

Tell that to Firecore, they have advertised this feature in their own blog, and I fully intend to use this feature.

In any case, can you two guys please stop derailing this thread? This thread was supposed to track issues with a feature that Firecore announced in their own blog. If you don’t need it yourself, or believe no one should, please take that thought somewhere else.

Time for a deep breath.

There are multiple threads with this as the core thought so lets not get bristled up over what’s important to others. It’s an open forum and as such allows you to state your own needs in regards to product performance.

Just remember a few things.

First, not EVERYONE may be experiencing the same issues as you. There may be many variables that would affect the way each person views certain files. The problem could easily be caused by issues on your own set up as easily as it could be caused by a bug in Infuse.

Second, this is also an international forum so if you’re not in the US just remember to take note of holidays that may be observed in the US such as Thanksgiving. Even though the Infuse team seems to work 24/7 like a pack of robots I’m also guessing they do need a little down time like weekends and holidays to keep the alimony and support payments to a minimum. Give them a few days after a post to get to it. Add a few more days to that if it’s on a weekend or holiday.

Remember, it’s darn tough to understand what a persons emotions are when posting due to the lack of inferences in text.

With all things considered, Using Infuse sure beats trying to read a hand printed book by the light of a campfire. :wink:


Don’t tell me how to read my books! :biggrin:

Issues like this also help the beta testing so beta testing can try to emulate issues like what @nickpicker is seeing. I’m sure it will be tested more in the next release…

I doubt that allowing for smooth playback of 4K content on non-4K displays is a priority and, in all honesty, I hope it isn’t. If you expect perfect playback of 4K content…maybe you should start with actually using a 4K display.