Toggle to disable PiP (tvOS)

Please make an Toggle to disable this annoying PiP Button on tvOS completely!

The Use of this PiP Function is really dubious!
And there are Users, which don’t want to use it! So please make an Toggle to disable it! :wink::+1:



The setting should default to OFF.

I’m really confused as to why PiP was enabled on Infuse. Most people will see the PiP feature as a defect - particularly on Apple TV.

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If you set a new feature off by default then users are less likely to ever find out it. It is new feature to tvOS, that’s why it was added. And it is only seen if you the view progress bar. Most people just watch movies and shows and won’t worry about it.

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Because this should be by default enabled on tvOS 14.This is new system-wide feature. If you don’t like it don’t use it or switch to android.

Agreed, it really needs a toggle in settings to be able to disable it. Nearly every time I fast forward while watching something it selects it, resulting in me swearing at the tv and trying to get back to full screen.

We’ve added a number of improvements which are aimed at preventing cases where PiP is accidentally enabled. These will be available soon in the 6.5.4 update which was submitted to Apple this morning.

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