To Plex or not to Plex

Infuse newbie here…After reading all the positive things about Infuse I plan to install it on my Apple TV 4K arriving in a day or two. I have been running a Plex server on my NAS to watch my ripped (mkv) bluray movies. I’ve read that Plex is a bit better than Infuse at handling the metadata and presentation end of things. I had the following questions: What is the process of linking Infuse with Plex like so that I can have Infuse direct play my files? Which app needs to be configured? Which app should I install first? Am I better off not bothering with Plex at all?

Any answers/ advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum!

It all boils down to personal preference. There are users on both sides of the fence and I’m on the no Plex side. From day one Infuse has been everything I need and doesn’t require an app running on another machine 24/7 to keep things running in the background. Others have come from using Plex to wanting the superior features for playback and presentation that Infuse offers and they want to incorporate the two.

If you’re not currently running Plex then you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying Infuse as it was designed for standalone use. If at some point you just find you can’t live without one of the niche features Plex provides then you can at that time incorporate the Plex server.

Thank you for the advice, Bullseye. That sounds like a good plan. I am used to Plex but I suppose I could learn to live without it. Whatever I end up doing I’ll post here again in a few days with my impressions/ experience (and quite possibly questions).

Hi and welcome,

I am on the "Plex Server for Metadata with Infuse as Player " side of the Fence.

If you have already a Plex server running, you can simply install Infuse and link it to you Plex Library.

Infuse will direct play all your Media but read the Meta Data from Plex Server instead of doing it on its own.

I do it because Infuse lags a bit in terms of maintaining Metadata like Posters, Collections etc.
Infuse does a pretty good job on indexing, but if you want a different Poster than the one Infuse has indexed its a bit “not so easy”

Here is where Plex can play its Aces.

Maintain Metadata in Plex Server and Play file in Infuse - Best of both worlds.


Thanks, elchupete. That opinion seems to be shared by many. I will post with my experiences once I get everything up and running. Thanks again for responding!

I’m also aN infuse plex mullet person (plex in the back infuse up front). The metadata of plex is awesome and infuse on the Apple TV can’t be beat for playback. Additionally if you want to playback your files on a non-Apple device you always have plex as a fallback.


Thanks for your opinion Jarvis. Points well taken. Can’t wait to get everything set up and running.

I only miss multi version movies in smb shares. Plex supports multi version movies but smb shares does not.

I prefer to use Infuse inside the home and only use Plex for remote (outside the home) viewing.

Infuse actually pull in metadata better than plex based on file names. I find I have do more manual matching with Plex. I also prefer to just play everything directly instead of using plex as a middle man.

UPDATE:. First thanks to all who responded. Have Infuse up and running on my ATV, so far no Plex. Films looks great on my Panny Oled. Better than with the Plex app on the TV. Do miss Plex’s extensive metadata and sorting functions a bit but I can make do with Infuse’s for now. I haven’t connected to Plex but did add Plex Media Server as a share…that’s where my files are located on my NAS…at least that’s how it’s labeled. I had a question:. Can I assume Plex is not doing any transcoding (most of my files have subtitles)? If I did connect to Plex through the Infuse app would Plex be transcoding files with subs? Thanks in advance for any answers.
Again, thanks to those who responded earlier.

Currently, Plex does no transcoding for play through Infuse. Infuse will always play the native resolution.

Glad to hear that, Bullseye. Thanks!

Is there a performance difference in using a Plex share or an SMB share? Playing 4K movies in Wi-Fi connections using SMB or NFS gets stuck, on the other hand if I use a Plex share, the movie plays perfectly.

I still dont get how ppl create a good order of things without plex when you cant have several folderurls into a single shortcut

I am having interest in Infuse metadata from Plex since I am having some problems with Animated TV Shows.

I have some questions though about the process.

From my understanding, you have your collection with movies & series scraping (metadata) in plex, which is shown in infuse, and then the playback comes directly from Infuse, from the original source without trascoding. Is this right?

On the other hand… what happens if I have this option enabled (using plex as a source) and plex server is turned off. What will happen then?

Is metadata structure saved in infuse locally, so once you do the first “scan”, you don’t need plex server continuously running? or you have to have always plex server on?

Just to clarify! I have all my content in google drive. From windows, what I do is to map my google drive with Raidrive, and scan from plex that location, so it is treated as local content, even though they are really into the cloud.

You need your Plex to be online. Plex provides both data and metadata. So, If Plex is offline you won’t be able to stream data from Plex.

Thanks for your response. Then… I have clear that I will use Infuse alone… Now I will have to “fight” to resolve some series problems in scraching some animated tv shows, already posted into others topics.