To Crystal or not to Crystal

Hi all,

Im hesitating on buying the 970015 Crystal HD and have it installed card but need to know if that runs smoothly on both 720 and 1080. i’vre read some posts on issues with it and on solutiond for solving these issues. But hey… I’m not an expert :oops: , so can someone please advise if its wise to upgrade with this HD card?

Definitely love the Apple TV, especially with Flash but hate the fact that it doesnt do HD-movies now.

Much Looking forward to you guys’ advises.


I installed this card recently, and it works well at both 720 and 1080. But only only helps in XBMC. I’d that is the system you use, then this card works great.

Somebody needs to come up with an integrated HD and wi-fi chip. Otherwise, I’m not a buyer.