TMDB Title Match Update

TMDB is updating their search algorithm to more accurately find and order titles. This is currently in review and will also improve Infuse’s metadata searching. I know a lot of people have had these issues in the past, so hopefully things will be better now

Are they actually doing this now? Or just talking vaguely about it (like supporting movie Universes in lieu of collections for franchises that include films that aren’t direct sequels)?

Long overdue.

I found two dozen titles in my collection where exact title / year match get hijacked by (arguably) more popular films … and my only recourse for many was to rename my files to less busy “alternative titles.

Moon (2009) was forever getting hijacked by “The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)” — such that the movie and metadata files in my “Moon (2009)” folder are now named “Kuu (2009)” — the Estonian alternate title - which results in a successful scraping.

But I just checked and the offending ‘Twilight’ film is now 6th down the list —- and the exact match is # 1. Progress? Hoping so!

Or at least, it used to. :confused:

Yes, it has been implemented and “In Review”, so I imagine we will see it soon.

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Because I use local posters and fanart images, and all my video files are paired with local .nfo files (created in Kodi) … I’ve found it to be not a completely unusual occurrence when my AppleTV dumps my database that subsequent scrapes will result in movies that formerly scraped correctly now scraping incorrectly; and providing wrong data to Infuse.

Because local poster and fanart .jpgs override those downloaded from TMDB, and media titles (sourced via local XML) override what would otherwise be displayed based on the TMDB scrapes, scraping mid-matches are not immediately noticeable.

Until you search for a movie or TV episode based on metadata for which TMDB is Infuse’s only source (such as cast and crew links or TMDB collections) and can’t find your movie where you expect to, you might never notice.

This is why I periodically batch-rename all .jpg file extensions on my share to .jxx, and .nfo file extensions on my share to .nxx, delete Infuse’s metadata cache, and rebuild my library. Which I then scan through looking for unfamiliar poster art or movie titles. When I inevitably find weird mismatches, I then research to figure out what happened.

Often TMDB folks will have changed their minds on what year a movie was released.

Or someone would have entered a new release date for an old title (often regionally) … such as when a 25th anniversary DVD-reissue to a popular film is released exclusively in some remote paradise like Palau … and the presence of the new date causes the (hopefully soon to be repaired) TMDB algorithm to start preferring that dvd title over a proper world theatrical premier of similarly named title actually released that year — even when the hijacked title is a perfect match and the hijacking title barely fits.

Guessing I’m going to find a LOT of mismatches while they work out the kinks.