TMDB parsing changes?

This actually applies to all versions of Infuse.

I have always named my movie library to put generic "the"s at the end. Eg “The Last Detail (1973).mp4” becomes “Last Detail, The (1973).mp4”. It’s always worked fine until now.

Now it’s broken and won’t index any new library additions that have the “The” taken to the end.

What’s changed here? I don’t see any applicable change in versions that would have introduced this.

Thanks in advance, guys.

I’ve always had “The” in the front if that’s the actual title. Infuse has at least since version 4 that I know of always used the correct title to scan tmdb. Have you tried doing an edit on the metadata when it’s not found with the word “The” at the end? Infuse still ignores “The” when alphabetizing a list of titles.

What version(s) are you using?

Latest versions on both tvOS and iOS. Edit on the metadata doesn’t come up with any suggestions. It’s as though the ‘, The’ is no longer being ignored and interferes with any search for the movie.

When you do the edit have you tried typing in “The” at the beginning instead of moving it to the end? I just did a couple of movies that started with “The” and it worked fine.

That absolutely works for me. Or just delete the “the” and it works too. But having the ‘The’ at the end never used to foul it up before this week, and now it does. Infuse is clearly NOT ignoring the ‘The’ any longer.

An obvious solution is to manually re-name God knows how many files in my library, but that’s a serious pest to do when it all worked perfectly before.

I wouldn’t expect it to ignore it anywhere when searching metadata, only when displaying the movie in the shares or library. Where did you see that it was ok to move “The” to the end of the file name? It’s not listed in any of the file naming users guides that I’ve seen here.

I hadn’t seen it anywhere. It just worked. Perfectly, too. 100% correct. Until 2 days ago.

Well, you don’t have to rename the files, you can just do an edit metadata on the ones that don’t match and type in the name correctly. Once you match the correct data the changes will be saved to iCloud so you should have to redo the corrections.

Personally, I’d correct the file names so in the future you won’t run into this problem.

That’s the only real answer probably. All due respects to the iCloud sync, but it’s flaky at best.

Interestingly I tried my now-disused Archos Media Player app on the Android TV and it is now showing exactly the same problem, whereas there was none before. I think the change has happened at the TMDB end, in how it parses search queries.

I’d guess that tmdb may have tightened their variables with so may movie titles and probably a growing user base.

Knock on wood, iCloud sync has been rock solid for me so far since the addition of metadata to iCloud sync. Like you said though, probably best to rename the files since it will only make the data search more accurate and probably less edits later.