TMDb not working in India

I got to know that the new version is going to be released soon, will there be an option to select different metadata source in this version ?

Firecore seems to stay somewhat tight lipped on specifics when new releases get close but from the discussions on metadata it points to an improved method of providing metadata but I haven’t seen other sources mentioned. We might all be surprised! :wink:

I believe I saw a post where James said the release was hopefully going to be released this month (March).

Well, I hope there are different ways to manage metadata coz my isp has blocked themoviedb. Really looking forward to the release.

I know the blocking issue is on their radar and they are working on a solution for it so hang in there. I’m guessing a world wide solution isn’t real easy with the different governments adding their 2 cents in this area.

In what kind of world do we live when isp’s do block websites that are not even illegal ???

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There is a simple solution that works right now, just use a Plex server.
It allows to select different metadata agents, giving you the flexibility you need.

I am going to try this and see if it solves the metadata issue.

While that is a solution. It’s not that simple for people who don’t want to log into Plex. It would be different if Infuse worked with a local account (which can be done) and we didn’t need to run though Plex servers

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I wish metadata handling was a plain and simple local method like iTunes. Also wish it fully supported square artwork.

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I agree with you… it is a real hassle to get things right.
I am wondering why this is. One can expect for a paying app to be user friendly.

For me it is a disappointment too. I am already working for 2 weeks in a row to get things right and when i get one thing strait then the other problem appears :frowning:

I am thinking to put Kodi on the ATV 4K. I saw a website somewhere offering it for a small fee, but it will then work for a year and one needs to pay again for a year, and my guess is, year after year.

I wish Kodi was supported by Apple. MrMC proofed to be worse also.

That’s ridiculous why would they do that. I would get a new ISP.

I tried that, themoviedb has been blocked by two of the major ISP’s in India. These ISP’s have been instructed by TRAI(Internet Regulatory) to block the site, someone incorrectly tagged the site as pirate site and its blocked now.

Wouldn’t that be a big hassle as there are numerous things to edit, I would say if there was an option to select different sources other than themoviedb it would help fix the issue.

Well it is clear Apple becomes a content provider, where piracy paranoia matters more than working solutions: iTunes does not support HDR, Apple TV Computer app does not read anything more than 30Mbps, etc.

That is an opportunity for Infuse to get the Apple users by supporting mp4/m4v tags and square artworks for TVShows.

Can someone explain WHY it is such a hassle and why infuse just doesn’t read the .nfo files and poster.jpg which are exported by kodi.

All info needed is in there. So why?

We’re working on a solution for users in India, and hope to have more news shortly after the release of 6.0 later this month.

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Have you tried using “use local”? You’ll need to make the poster you want to use the same name as the movie file it matches to (zxc.mkv would need zxc.jpeg). This is NOT Kodi and I wouldn’t expect it to work the same. If you are into heavy customization Infuse just may not be the solution for you (nothing really official will be).

Great news, will be waiting.

Now that the infuse 6 is out, I wanted to know if there’s any solution to the metadata problem we’re facing and also I wanted to check if I’ll get a discount for lifetime subscription since I’ve bought the infuse pro 6

James has updated the purchase and upgrade thread here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing