TMdb Metadata in Polish

Hi everyone

I’m using Infuse v6. I choose metadata downloading in polish language but every movie I have description in english. What am i’m doing wrong?

Is this affecting all movies or just a few?

Do the affected movies have Polish metadata available if you search for them on

Infuse found very few movies in polish which is strange but almost whole library is in english

If I search for example The Mule i have in polish in Infuse is in english

By default, Infuse will download metadata to match the language your device is set to. You can override this by changing the Metadata language option found in Settings from Auto to something else.

After the setting is changed, Infuse would start downloading metadata in your selected language for new files only. If you want to update files that already have metadata you can use the ‘Edit’ option on a particular file to have Infuse refresh it, or select the ‘Clear all metadata’ option in Settings to have Infuse refetch info for everything.