TMDB/IMDb Movie ID Support

@james news on that? There are a lot of suggestions related to this topic. TMDB ID in file names would solve a lot of mismatches in my library. Thanks!

Jellyfin allows to use this tag style for folders and directly extracts the tmdbid this way from the foldername.

I just tried to import my Jellyfin Library and noticed this is not working for Infuse and there also seems to-be no similar option, going by the documentation of Infuse?

Can this be added, so its

  1. easier to swap from Jellyfin directly to network shares
  2. allow simple folder preprocessing if the ID is already know, so Infuse can directly use it

I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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Ah ok, but going by all the other feature requests that are still open from 2018. I guess i can assume this feature will not be added anytime “soon”.

Going by the posts here, the tmdbid is also not extracted from potential .nfo files?

So Infuse always just uses the “Title” + “Year” for tmdb lookups, nothing else?

That could be a very poor assumption. This thread is tagged as “planned” so it’s on the radar for the Devs.

You can familiarize yourself with what the tags mean here.

You can see what’s on the current planning schedule for Infuse here.

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Today’s 7.6.6 update adds the ability to include a movie’s TMBD or IMDb ID in the filename for improved matching accuracy.


Inception {tmdb-27205}.mkv
Inception {imdb-tt1375666}.mkv

Support for these IDs embedded within NFO files will follow soon in 7.6.7.

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Hey James,

Happy 2024! Very nice! :blush:
I’m very happy to get that feature into place. Thank you!

One little improvement: In TMDB the ID is not exlusively for movies. It could be TV series as well. Therefore I rather use something like this: tmdb=movie/27205 or tmdb=tv/27205.

movie/27205 = Inception (2010)
tv/27205 = Alone in the Wild (2009)

Maybe something you should consider while extending the explicit skrapping to TV series as well?


This is only available for movies at this time, but I don’t believe adding the extra movie/tv tags in the filename will be necessary if/when support for TV shows is added.

The reason for this is Infuse will first identify the file as a movie or TV show (based on whether or not season/episode info is present in the filename) and then work to match the file to the appropriate title based on the ID number, falling back to using other details in the filename if no ID number is present.

Infuse would only search for matches of the appropriate content type. For example, if you have a TV show in Infuse, using the ‘Edit Metadata’ option would only show results for TV shows, and not movies. The same logic applies to automatic matching as well. :slight_smile:


It may be a benefit in the future to use the IMDB number since I believe they don’t duplicate numbers and they are used by many metadata sources.

if i can include the TMDB or IMDb ID number in the filename (in curly brackets) to allow Infuse to find an exact match. Use a structure of {[source]-[id]} (Inception {tmdb-27205}.mkv) and also add custom tags using the ‘edition’ tag in the filename, in this format (Inception {edition-Regular Ending}.mkv). how can I combine them if both tags are needed?
Inception {tmdb-27205} {edition-Regular Ending}.mkv
Inception {tmdb-27205; edition-Regular Ending}.mkv

You can use both, just place each tag inside a separate set of brackets.

Inception {tmdb-27205} {edition-Regular Ending}.mkv
Inception {tmdb-27205} {edition-Fake Ending}.mkv

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Sweet! Great update! Very helpful with those troublesome short one-word titles that easily get confused with others; so I’ll no longer need to depend so much on alternate titles.

Very cool; I’m sure this addition will make lots of users happy.

Kicking butt, Firecore — Bravo.

The latest release (Infuse 7.6.6 now available) supports matching based on ID, but it does not match for TV Shows.

I have one particular show that has evaded matching for years in Infuse: Western Philosophy (2002). When I first migrated to Infuse from Plex, I had thousands of entries in the “Other” library; today, only three episodes remain, and they’re from that show. I added IDs to each episode, but seemingly the matching of IDs will only work for movies.

Alternatively, can someone figure out how to match that show? It defies matching.

Can you provide a limk to the item on TMDb? Even if you could provide the IMDb ID, it still has to match with an entry on TMDb, which I did not find by searching. You may have to create the show yourself.

As @munpip214 said, it doesn’t appear that this particular series is entered in TMDB so you may want to enter it as long as you follow their guidelines it will help you and others that may want to pull down that metadata. :+1:

I moved your post to the thread that is discussing this so it’d stay in one place.

Today’s 7.6.7 update adds support for IMDb/TMDB IDs embedded inside NFO files.

Support for both Emby and Kodi styles is included.

Emby style (tmdbid/imdbid)


Kodi style (uniqueid)

<uniqueid type="imdb">tt12361974</uniqueid>
<uniqueid type="tmdb" default="true">791373</uniqueid>

Note: If both IMDb and TMDB tags are present (and they do not match), Infuse will prefer the TMDB ID over IMDb.

Support for using these IDs within a filename was added in the previous 7.6.6 update.

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Is it possible to just put an ID into the NFO and have Infuse pull the metadata?

I tried some things and it seems it’s only possible to use local metadata completely and then the ID is used for the Trakt history entry.

Yes, you can include an ID tag (in the appropriate format) and nothing else. Doing this would direct Infuse to match the title to that item on TMDB, without overriding any details.

Try this example file, which includes a TMDB ID tag for Meg 2: The Trench

The Matrix Reloaded.nfo (101 Bytes)

Using this with a matching video file (in this case: ‘The Matrix Reloaded.mkv’) results in Infuse matching this automatically using the tag inside the NFO file instead of the video’s filename.

Does this mean using .nfo are no longer an all-or-nothing proposition?

I used them mostly for editing titles (though with <sortorder> now respected I’ll need to do that less) …

… but when Firecore added support for Cast & Crew in .nfo, I either had to choose to keep my .nfo or be forced to manage cast & crew on my own.

I’d prefer to only need to add data to .nfo that I want Infuse to utilize — and if I don’t include tags then Infuse will simply default to what it has already collected from TMDB anyway.

Is that how Infuse is working now?