TMDB/IMDb Movie ID Support

+1 to proposal to have infuse reading TMDB or TVDB ID for a correct matching, could be on .nfo file or better, into the specific Filename (that way we can forget about having .nfo files)

For example

Alien (1978) [TMDB 348].mkv

It’s a good idea to maybe read it in the filename, but IMO it would be also great to have the option in the search box.

When you want to search the movie / show, add an option to search by writing the name ( existing feature ) OR by writing the ID so it will be precise.

So many times I can’t find the show by searching by name, but the show exists in the tvdb database.

Please, let us have a cool ID prompt in the metadata edition.

EX: I cant find ‘Hunter X Hunter 2011’ by writing the name in the search box. So I could instead write ‘TVDB252322’ ( see attached pic )

So it would directly find this:

Dear Support,

what‘s going on?

Any hope for us users to get any kind of response?

Is this request on roadmap or not?


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for mkv it would be great (ie not “polluting” the filename) to have it as a “url nfo” (Video file tagging - Official Kodi Wiki) IOW embedded (attached) xml file that just contains a link to the tvdb url, or contains the correct tvdb ID for the file. far superior to navigating the slow UI and having to re-do it all over again later.

Dear Support,

any news about that?

How about fetching from TMDB by the file name‘s appended TMDB ID?

„American Gangster (2007) [4982].mkv“


You can see what upcoming features are in the works here

Thank you for your fast reply.

Nice to to see what great stuff you do have on your roadmap, but that’s actually no answer to my question.


If implemented in Infuse, it would probably make sense to use the same naming-scheme that Plex already uses for this: curly braces with a prefix – see here

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Hi, i have the same “simple” request.

For example, I have a movie called “Flashback”, released in 2021 (Flashback - and Infuse keep matching it with a wrong entry (Flashback -

I understand that Infuse can’t guess which one is the good one, but just naming my file as the TVDB ID would be so perfect for me.

I can manually correct with the Edit function but I have to have a perfect match as my server is used by many many clients, and can’t “edit manually” on all the clients.
Today, when it occurs, I have to manually put a JPG & XML.

Hope this feature will be implemented to this amazing app, that I use since the beginning, and I promote this app to many many friends :wink:

Just a small note. Infuse doesn’t use TVDB for any metadata anymore it uses TMDB for both movies and TV shows.

You example is kind of rare where the exact same name is used for two releases in the same year. As long as you have iCloud sync turned on all copies of Infuse on different clients will sync the correction to the right movie. You don’t have to do it on each.

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The thing is that all the clients are not on the same iCloud ID, so can’t count on iCloud sync, have to be “perfect match” at the first time.
For this example, I ended up making a custom art file & xml, but it’s frustrating that being able to point out by the ID is not possible (yet ? :wink: )

Always a possibility! In the meantime, do you have any other titles that are causing this issue? I’ve run literally thousands of movies through the metadata scan and haven’t run across more than a couple of these cases. Maybe we can figure out a name that will work the first time for any others you may have.

I have the same issues with Tom and Jerry I’m setting up for my son. I’ve got all the classic shorts from 1940-1960 but Infuse can’t find the correct series, although they are all present with ID 72860 on TVDB (Tom and Jerry - I tried naming the files all according to the Metadata 101, matching it with the TVDB (the call it series 1940, S1950 and so on), I’ve written XML files to override but that doesn’t work either after the last update. It’s stuck on a Hanna-Barbera “Tom and Jerry Show” from 1975 (separate issue I guess).

But a feature to search for the ID, or enter the ID in the XML files would be highly valued.

Welcome to the forum!

You’ll find that most of the group of Tom and Jerry shorts are classified as movies. For example the first one from 1940 that shows as S1940E01 on TVDB is actually the movie “Puss Gets the Boot 1940” and if you name that file “Puss Gets the Boot 1940.ext” it will find it on TMDB where all of the metadata for Infuse is now gathered from.

Changing to this format will gather the correct metadata from TMDB

The “problem” is I don’t agree with the classification and want them listed as TV series. I guess XML is my only way out then. I don’t know why they are not read properly. I select the XML file, correctly listed as an option for embedded/local metadata, instead of this incorrect “Tom and Jerry Show” but it sort of defaults back to it whatever I do. I can’t seem to clear it. I’m still working on the XML files, so maybe I need one for each episode before it “understands”?

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Since Infuse no longer gathers metadata from TVDB the classification as a tv show isn’t correct. TVDB has several shows that were incorrectly classified as TV shows when they were actually movies/shorts like these.

Instead of fighting with xml files and adding artwork, changing the file name will gather the correct info with less work.

I understand that your intent was to keep these as a TV show but currently Infuse only works with xml files for movies not tv series.

There is a currently running suggestion for this here.

If The Movie DB ID is in the folder name use it to properly match a movie/tv show just as Plex does.


   /Batman Begins (2005) {tmdb-272}
      Batman Begins (2005) {tmdb-272}.mp4

First let me give a big +1 here as well. For bigger collections it’s not accuarate enough and many tiltes like 1984 (1984) are not properly discovered.

I would like to through in a different approach or way to store IDs properly to the files.
In case you have a pure MKV based collection, I could imagine to have that IDs just “burned in” to the MKV file. It’s anyway a container and you can (meanwhile) easily add meta data into it. Unfortunately the schema for that has been rather “poorly” described by MKV devs and is quite vage in some details. Here you can finde the schema:
But why not checking for a global tag named like: “TMDB” or “IMDB” and fill it with that values. So the ID is all time “glued” to the movie. Everything else can be added in ext files or scrapping to DB or or or.

What do you thing about that proposal? At least for the sake of having MKV…


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I’m reading through the TRaSH guide about naming files and folders for Radarr/Sonarr and Plex. Using IMDB/TMDB IDs in folder names can prevent mis-naming of movies and tv shows.

Can Infuse properly parse and scrape movie and tv folders with IMDB/TMDB ID tags in them? e.g., The Movie Title (2010) [imdbid-tt1520211]

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Not yet but I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

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