TMDB Collections showing up on Mac but not AppleTV

I recently added some movies that were part of TMDB Collections, and these collections were automatically added for me when running Infuse on the Mac, sitting alongside some custom connections I added. Over on my AppleTV, though, I’m seeing only my custom collections, and not any of the collections from TMDB. I’ve confirmed that the preference for TMDB Collections is “On”, and I’ve even tried toggling it off and back on, but it didn’t make a difference.

Anyone know why this isn’t working for me on AppleTV the way it does on the Mac? Both are set up to use SFTP to the same target host.

You might want to check your collections and groups settings.

Thanks for the tip. All the “Collections & Groups” options are currently “On”, with “Select Version” at the bottom set to “Auto”. However, I’m still not seeing any of the TMDB collections I see on Infuse on the Mac.

After a day or two, I noticed that the missing TMDB collections info did eventually show up on the AppleTV. It was probably just stuck behind other updates the app was still downloading, since I only set it up recently. So, there’s probably no issue here.

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