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Hello good evening.
I have a problem and I sent an email to support explaining my problem but there was no solution.

I have a Nas in which I have two folders, and within them the movies are distributed in their individual folders along with their fanart and posters (I prefer to choose them myself). I have those two folders as favorites and in turn I have them added to the home screen. The movies that make up a collection are also individual (for example 3 folders for the 3 Godfather movies) and I seem to remember that Infuse also grouped the collections within the favorites on the home screen.

Well, it turns out that the other day I added the Rambo movies and I didn’t like the default poster, so I put the 5 folders (the 5 movies) in a folder and next to it I added a poster for the collection, I updated and it didn’t recognize it and I tried to hit local metadata and it still didn’t recognize it.

Well after seeing that I couldn’t change the poster to a collection I decided to undo all the changes and leave it as it was, but now I get into a favorites folder and the movies don’t group collections. And I’m going crazy because I don’t know if it’s a bad configuration error or if I did that function only from the library and I’m confused.
What I would like to do is that within the window of a favorite folder I automatically group the TMDB collections.

Sorry if I haven’t explained myself well, I’m Spanish and I’m using Google’s translator.
Thank you in advance and greetings

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What do you have for the collections settings?

Hello good day.

I have activated ‘Group Movies Into Collections’, ‘TMDB Collections’ and 'Details View.

The problem is when I get into a folder marked as favorite, which as you can see does not include the collection of The Purge, Mad Max or Rambo. I have tried to attach more photos to the post but as a new user it only leaves me one.

Thank you very much for your attention and forgive the inconvenience,

But you DO have a collection Joker, even though there is no extant sequel. TMDB drives me mad, sometimes.

I don’t think that’s a collection, just the movie “Joker” if it was a collection it’d be labeled “Joker Collection” with no year.

Take a deep breath and don’t let it drive ya mad. :wink:

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You may want to try turning on " Group Movies Into Collections" and see if that may be more of what your looking for.

Are these visible if you navigate to Library > Collections?

If you are browsing directly via folders you will see the movies, but these will not be grouped into collections.

Hello good morning.

Already solved. As I was trying to create a collection manually, the collections were misconfigured and I thought I had seen groups of movies in a ‘Favorite’ folder.

They have already replied to my e-mail and they have told me that no, that it is impossible, that the groups are only in the window that Infuse creates from ‘Library’ and ‘Movies’.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I did not remember exactly what the configuration was and since I had to reconfigure it, I seemed to remember it that way.

I am going to make a proposal about this in the suggestions window. I think it is not a difficult function to implement and that the users would appreciate.

Thanks for all greetings.

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