TMDB and Infuse 7.1.2

OK, after deleting Infuse because I couldn’t make the change to TMDB work for me I had a free day yesterday and decided to give it another go.

First off Movies only. I have 1652 films varying from classics, to modern, a mix of SD and HD (UHD were in a separate library).

The scan of this library took just under 3 hours. Seriously, 3 hours. My network is unchanged so this time frame is extraordinarily. All 1652 films collected metadata, but on checking I found just over 200 (205) were incorrectly identified even though my naming process follows the guidelines correctly. Some matches were bizarre but easily fixed by manually selecting the metadata. This took another hour and a half.

I then plugged my iPad into a charger and started on TV Series, of which I have 457 containing 10452 episodes. I then went to bed. Getting up six hours later and the process was still working. It took 7 hours in all.

This resulted in 8200 episodes remaining as ‘Other” and not identified at all, series such as Babylon 5, 24, 30 Rock, The 4400 among others. Nothing obscure. I tried manually fixing the matches by Infuse because so unresponsive I found myself repeating operations several times.

OK, the end result is I again removed Infuse 7.1.2. But, I did install version 6 pro. I rebuilt the entire metadata, Movies, TV, UHD etc in just over 90 minutes. Yes, there were a few miss-matches which I manually fixed (about 12 minutes), and I now have a working solution for my Google Drive content. I’ve now done the same with my two Apple TV’s which already sync’d all of the manual metadata fixes I’d done on the IPad.

So I don’t get the new user interface but I’m quite happy with the Apple TV layout (the iPad look wastes a lot of screen space). I’m now a content Infuse 6 user and won’t be going back to version 7 any time soon.

One final thing. Scanning the Movies (in the first paragraph above) got me another 24 Google ban.

Hope this helps others considering the upgrade.

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