TMDb and animes - the good way to rename

Hi guys !
Long time I didn’t use my Infuse player, and now I see that the metadata fetching is bind to TMDB instead of TVDB. Maybe great, but most of my animes are now messed up.

One thing I’m not sure to understand, is for ex with One Piece on TMDB, there is many sorting displayable. Two of them are Absolute order ( with only one season ) and Seasons order. But, there is not the same amount of episodes in both…

12 missing episodes is a lot…

So simple question here, what is now the good way to rename animes episodes? As you see there is a lot of files to rename so I would like to do it right in one shot.

Thank you

You’re going to want to use the season order with file names like
“One Piece 1999 S01E01.mkv” and follow the seasons listed.

The difference between the two numbers of episodes seems to be the specials that are counted in the “Seasons” list.

For those specials the names would be like “One Piece 1999 S00E01.mkv” using season “00” for specials.

Not really an answer to your exact question, but some series like One Piece have quite a few different orders available.

Supporting alternate episode orders found on TMDB is something we will be integrating in an upcoming version, and you can follow this thread for updates.

Thanks guys.

The difference between the two numbers of episodes is not the specials, that was my first thought. But if you look closely, you won’t find the episode nb.1000 ( titled " Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hat Pirates Gather! " ) in the Absolute Order list.

The last episode available tag is 21x988, instead of 21x1000 ( available in the last Season Order list ).

As of today, my episodes for this show are still named by seasons ( One_Piece.SxxExx ), that was the naming working on TVDB. But all the episodes titles and descriptions are gone, there is only one generic description for all of them. That’s how I knew something changed

First, have you tried doing an Edit Metadata on an episode and see if it grabs the correct metadata?
If not then just as a test, could you add the year in one season, say season 1 to see if that gives you the episode data?

Also, what language are you using? Does TMDB show episode details in your selected language?

Yes I tried to edit the metadatas, changed it and put it back again, but same result. The thing is, the serie seems to be correctly fetched because I have the artworks of the Serie and Seasons ( regarding the ones of TMDB ).
The language is French and yes I checked TMDB, all the infos are translated and available.
Here are some screenshots:

Serie Artwork
Seasons Artworks
Episode with no title and default description
Same Episode on TMDB
Metadata screen

One thing is, I see that the tag on TMDB indicates 21x892, instead of 21x01. Even if it’s the Episode 01 of Season 21, the tag uses the absolute order. Do you think it could be this that mess everything up ?

It could very well be the reason. I looked at the edit history on this show at TMDB and at one time it was using the conventional season/episode numbers I’ve seen for the majority of other shows but along the way it was changed to use as you said what appears to be the absolute order number for the “episode” but keeping the “season” number as listed.

I’d suggest that you pick a short season with a lesser number of episodes and change them to reflect the same numbers as TMDB. For example,
“One Piece S20E878.mkv” and that should come back with the full metadata including the episode title for the first episode of season 20 titled “The World in Shock! The Fifth Emperor of the Sea Arrives!”

Just follow the numbers on the TMDB for the rest of that season and see what happens.

If you could try this and see if it works.

Ok I will try that as soon as I can and let you know.
So this " tag " thing, is that what Infuse search and uses?

It’s a little bit confusing that TMDB do not use the same tagging method for every anime, this could lead Infuse to became Confuse instead… :sweat_smile:

Here is 3 examples of major animes:

Dragon Ball Z > 5x1 for S05E01

Bleach > 1x92 for S05E01

One Piece > 5x131 for S05E01

To see what season strategy that Infuse is looking at go to the main show page and scroll down to the “View All Seasons”

When you click there, for example you’ll get this for “Bleach”

Note that it’s only one season and one “specials” category so all episodes based on current metadata fetching would be season “01” with episodes rangeing from S01E01 to S01E366.

As James mentioned above,

so you can track the status of where that new feature is at and just hold out till it’s available or you can change now to what works and be good. If your current file naming set up matches one of the current orders on TMDB other than the one Infuse uses now you can either hold off till it gets added or change now.

Sorry but animes are alien to me, now if it was The Andy Griffith Show then I’d have a better idea how to help. :clown_face:

Just announced complete series on Blu-ray!!

Ok I did the test, and… rumble rumble… It works !

As you can see on the pic, now the episode number is S21 - E908 and I have the correct episode title + description.

I talked with the TMDB support, and here is something to chew on:

superboy97 :
" Anime is a work in progress. Once finished, all long running anime will comply with this rule "Long-running series with continuous episode numbers (e.g. 867, 868, 869) are added as a single season. ", but I can't give you a date."

Also, about the " missing episodes " in one list and not the other, they told me to add it myself using this page. So I suppose the community have to do it everytime, but seeing there is 12 missing eps, obviously it’s not done regularly…

Thanks for your fast support guys, as always.

PS: please let us know a little bit about this one :sweat_smile: :heart:

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Thanks for the extra effort and digging, I’m sure @james will follow this and make sure that when Infuse does get to the alternate episode order option they’ll be sure to include this format. Again Thanks!

I may end up growing moss. Will have to ration the viewing time. :mushroom: :rofl:

Simply use batch rename tool, rename them into Keyword+year+S#E#

Then put them all into auto-organize folder.

the plugin will do the job automatically.

About to start organising One Piece and by chance found this thread. Thanks!

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