TM3V5 - iPad Mini Infuse struggling to open


Have you guys had a chance to look at the log files I sent you? as of now, I’ve been struggling 45 minutes+ with trying to open Infuse, no matter which way I try and do it…

Would appreciate an answer soon, thanks!

61S4G - after an hour I got in…

So is it now working for you? If not, a bit more info would help like what version of iPad mini, version of Infuse, where you are trying to stream from whether downloaded to the iPad or streaming from a server. etc.

iPad mini 4,
iOS 11.4
Newest version of Infuse 5 as per this morning

Not exactly possible to do anything like streaming etc when Infuse is not opening up… Infuse black screen with Infuse logo, then drops back out… Infuse stays open in background, but useless as I can’t do anything with it… Multi-task closing app, or trying to open from there, same story…

Doesn’t matter if it’s on either of my wifi connections… Doesn’t matter if plugged into power or not… Doesn’t matter if battery is 5% or 100%… Only thing that I can say works for sure, every single time? Pure luck…

It wasn’t clear from your second post when you said “after an hour I got in…” whether you got it working or just got it loaded to get the diagnostics sent.

First, I say to try a restart on the iPad, if that doesn’t help I’d then try deleting Infuse and doing a reinstall.

Have re-installed a few times, getting tired of having to reconfigure everything…

Restarting iPad has the same amount of luck as winning a local lottery…

If the app doesn’t start past the initial black screen with logo what are you having to reconfigure?

Connections to Plex, shortcuts; after having re-installed… It does eventually get in, it just takes persistence… But it’s getting frustrating…

Do you have any other devices running Infuse or can run Infuse?

iPhone works fine…

Apple TV4k works fine…

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It may take a bit of time to get an answer since it’s a holiday.

To me it sounds more like an iPad issue than an Infuse problem. Possibly a conflict with an add on or another app running in the background. Maybe even a corrupt OS. It’s difficult to really say without seeing what your describing.

We believe this issue has been resolved for the upcoming 5.8.2 version.

Let me know if you’d like to try it early, and I can get you added to the beta.

Yes please!

Also, just FYI, I think this might be the offending app >

itunes same email as my account here and tickets i logged, thanks!

You should receive an email with more details shortly.

We don’t believe this issue is related to any other apps you may have installed.

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