Titles not being fetched (how to use the nfo files)

I have a few titles that’s not being scraped by the metadata.

How does the usage of the .nfo file work? I’m used to use the .nfo files on my old NMT with YAMJ app. Here the IMDB url is just posted into the .nfo file and then it will use that url for fetching.

Is it the same with Infuse? Instead of IMDB then I just need to add the TMDB url for the movie?

The metadata101 is not really clear on this I think. :slight_smile:

Infuse will use info (title, description, cast, etc…) from XML/NFO files to override info pulled from the TMDb/TheTVDb. It currently will not use IMDb IDs referenced inside to lookup specific info - though that’s not a bad idea for a future update. :wink: