Titles & Metadata

Two points:


  1.  Infuse changes the displayed movie title instead of using the title as is on file. This is not a nice feature since (especially in folder view) this can ruin the sequence movies are shown.


Example: in a subfolder are 2 (ficticious) movies:

  • Percy Jackson (2009) Sea of Monsters

  • Percy Jackson (2013) Lightning Thief

Then (beacause of changes thru Infuse) the result is shown as:

  • Precy Jackson and The lightning thief

  • Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters


And that sorting is incorrect and certainly not wanted.



  1. I have now several cases where a movie called “Main Title (year) rest of title” is not recognized meaning there is no Metadata while when the movie is called “Main Title rest of title (year)” it is correctly identified and Metadata is found.


I do not understand this behaviour since programs like Xbmc and Plex have no problem in recognizing. And it would be great if Infuse would react similar.