Titles in VOB files

I have a bunch of dvds that I extracted to vob files as I don’t own a DVD player anymore. I created a folder for them and I can see them fine on the infuse pro app on my Apple TV. The problem I have is that they only play title 1 whatever that is and I cannot change it in the info tab.

Any idea how to actually play the movie and not the bonus? Or even accès the menu (that would be awesome) ?

Thank you !

Are these still organized in their original VIDEO_TS structure?

If so, we recommend placing each video’s VIDEO_TS folder inside another folder with the movie’s name.

For example, inside a folder named ‘Inception’ you would place the VIDEO_TS folder for Inception. Infuse will recognize the ‘Inception’ folder as a playable item, and will play the main title when selecting it. Other titles can be played by selecting them through the Video tab of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing to access this).