Title of Episodes are not showing up

Hey :slight_smile:

Im currently adding my library step by step. For one of my series the titles are visible until episode 29. After that the episode titld are not shown anymore. It just gives then the shows name. The metadata is similar to that of episode 28 and before. The filenames have episode title in it. I checked everything with MetaX and Filebot.

It’s just working for episode 1-28. after that the entire series ist just shown with the series name.

Has anyone a suggestion how to
solve this:(? This series is a mess without titles :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance.

Solved! Used wrong format - DVD instead of Airdate. This should be solved then by the update coming September yeah :)))!

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TVDB only shows episodes 1 through 28 for season one.

Since Infuse will be changing to TMDB for TV metadata soon I’d suggest you do nothing until after the change. It appears that TMDB has HUNDREDS of episodes in Season 1 so your problem looks to be solved when the change over occurs.

I’d say hang in there and see what the change brings! :wink:

It should be soon

Okay. But you will not able to choose between TVDB and TMDB, or? Because I checked now my other series and for mos of them TVDB is much more accurate.

Also for my series the hundreds of episodes is a mistake. It’s definitely separated into seasons. We germans have just a different numbering :unamused: :rofl:

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