Tiny not getting current blobs

Just got a new ATV2 and getting ready to jailbreak but went into save blobs first.  The new ATV has iOS4.3 and firmware 4.3.  I know it is too late to save the blobs for that but it does not even pickup the latest 5.1.1.  Then I notices that one of my units with 5.1.1 is saved 3 others are not.  Is Tiny not picking up the latest ones  I want to jailbreak this old 4.3 but have the latest 5.1.1 just in case for when 6 comes out.  I will probably take all 5 of mine to the 5.1.1 just for consistency for the family in the interface but want to compare some things on this older 4.3 first.

Have you tried iFaith or atv flash black

aTV Flash won’t be any help until the device is jailbroken,


Anyways you need to use iFaith to save the blobs.

So does this mean Tiny Umbrella doesn’t work any more?

Still having the problem.  I want to save my 5.1.1 before iOS 6 comes out, just in case.  I have 5 of these and it only has saved the 5.1.1 on 2 of them.  Any help would be appreciated. 

Tinyumbrella now saves your 5.0.2 blobs, helped me finally jb my ATV2.