Tiny episode numbers in 5.6

Why have you guys shrunk the episode number circles in tile mode? You need little baby fingers in order to tap them accurately. So much screen space on an iPad and you have shrunk what used to be the ticket.

Totally agree. The whole UI has shrunk. Cover-art looks pathetic (on an iPad Pro), I hate to imagine what it’s like on a phone.

Thanks for the feedback.

We’ll be making a number of small improvements for 5.6.1.

Err, just grabbed 5.6.1 and what did you do to improve things? The episode number circles are exactly the same size as before…

Same visuals, but the buttons are now easier to tap.

Sorry James, but that doesn’t help. Why did you need to make them smaller? You have the whole iPad screen to play with and you made them the size of a pea.

We’re also looking into a few other adjustments. Thanks.

I totally agree with the other users here, on my iPad Pro 12.9", this is how it looks on the new 5.6.1. The surrounding space are wasted.

Hope it get fixed in the next release. Thanks.

FYI, we are considering 2 changes for iPad.

  1. Use the same card view for both landscape and portrait. This would have the effect of displaying larger fanart on top as opposed to smaller poster on the left (see attached). The downside here is there will likely be scrolling for longer descriptions.

  2. A minor font size increase on iPad.

Feedback welcome. :slight_smile:

The landscape fan art looks good, but what’s the aspect of the numbers of the episodes?
If the size of the circles doesn’t increase, i guess a larger font would be more useful.

Make it bigger…nuff said.

Thanks James, the landscape fanart looks good & bigger. I guess it’s ok to do a little scrolling for the description if it’s too long :slight_smile:

I agree wholeheartedly, I don’t have baby fingers or eagle eyes.
Double the information to at least half the display real estate, use the screen!
Don’t try and be posh or cool with emphasizing the blurred background.

Make it a setting option if need be, just get this fixed please.


Infuse 5.6.3 (1884) was released today. The landscape fan art still not fixed yet? The size still looks the same to me. Thanks :slight_smile:

And episode number buttons are still tiny! Can you please advise what is the hold up James?

Hi James, it’s been a month. Can you please advise what is holding things up?

It’s a little concerning that user feedback is not taken seriously. This kind of headheadednes doesn’t often bode well for the future.

Another release, another “this has not been fixed”. Why is it so difficult? Or do you guys just don’t want to do it and are hoping to wear us out?

We’re hoping to get this tuned up for 5.6.9, which isn’t far off. :slight_smile:

Thanks James, looking forward to it.