Time out error with WD drives

Still having time out issues with latest.  Using media player to connect to a share of a WD Elements drive plugged into an Airport Extreme.  As mentioned by myself and others, these drives are very aggressive in going to sleep whenever they can.  Problem is they are slow to spin up.  You either need to actively touch the connection during this wait time to wait for a repsonse, or give us the ability to adjust the wait time (maybe up to 90 sec in 10 second increments or something in a setting?).

What I have to do if the drive has gone to sleep is pick the share favorite from the menu… media player tries to connect… times out.  I hit menu to go back and try again… wait… time out… then usually on the third try it finally comes right up because by then the drive has spun up after being ‘woken up’ by the first attempt.


I submit error reports to you from the Maintenance menu often after this happens.  Hope you can figure it out, there are probably a lot of WD elements drives out there because they were/are so common and inexpensive for the capacity.


This should be addressed in the upcoming version.

Currently the max login time is set to 3 seconds, which may not be enough time for some drives to spin up if in sleep mode. This is getting increased to 30 seconds in the next update.


I just wanted to quickly +1 this post, as I am having the exact same issue (WD Elements Drive shared over the network through an Apple AirPort Extreme).

Where my issue differs from yours is that I almost always play my videos using XBMC on the aTV2, which provides a facility in the advancedsettings.xml file to set your own SMB timeout - which I had manually raised to 30 seconds a long time ago.

This trick worked great under 4.4.3 - but since upgrading to 4.4.4 the same setting in advancedsettings.xml for XBMC does not seem to be having the same effect - because I am experiencing a lot of random XBMC crashes. The crashes occur after a video has finished playing, the drive has gone to sleep and I have left the room for some tome. Upon returning to the room, I click on any menu item to wake up the system and then BLAMO! (crashes every time while the drive is spinning up)

I’m glad to see that a fix is on the way, is there any ETA on the next release by chance?

Many Thanks,



VERY much looking forward to this update. The Drobo FS sleeps all the time (which i prefer). Thanks James!  :slight_smile: