Time offset for embedded subs

so many times also the file embedded subtitles (dont mean hardcoded) are severely off sync, but the ‘time offset’ option isnt available for those. and many times there arent any subtitles available for those on opensubtitles.org.
so the ‘time offset’ option also for the embedded subtitles would be much appreciated. (basically all other media players can do it, so it is doable)


I experienced this issue for the first time today and I second that. Found a series with no external SRT files available but the video files have soft coded subs that are unfortunately out of sync. @james is this possible to allow this?

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Adjusting subtitle timing is available for external subtitles.

For some reason, it is not available for embedded subtitles, which would be very convenient when necessary (and that had happened to me a lot lately).
Currently, you have to find similar subtitles (or extract the embedded subtitles and put them in the right place) and then adjust timing.

I bet this is not a big development (sorry if I am wrong) and would not have any particular downside (it is just the last item in the subtitle menu anyway, and already appears for external subtitles).

Thanks in advance and have a great day!

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First of all thank you for the best player that I’ve ever used!

Just wanted to ask if there is a reason why the embedded subtitles delay cannot be adjusted in Infuse Pro 6 and is there a plan to change this and introduce this feature?

Honestly, it is a little complicated to extract the subtitles every time from a video file to make it external and be able to adjust the delay during playback.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum!

Adjusting embedded subtitles presents a few technical challenges that we have not had time to look into. Generally, if a subtitle is embedded it is a good match for the video being played and will not require any adjustment. However, we’ve had a few suggestions from those wish to have subtitles intentionally out of sync (for various reasons), so adding the ability to adjust embedded subtitles is something we’ll likely look into for a future update.

Moving this to suggestions for now.



Great! Looking forward to seeing this in one of the next updates as this feature is one of the main features that I use.

Thanks for looking into this!

Any chance this could be implemented in the next builds? ??


hbo max releases have a general embedded subtitles delay of around minus half a second. since this is one of the biggest streaming services, working out a feature for delaying embedded subtitles would be very much appreciated.

I would just like to add that I also miss this feature. Some shows have their subtitles (slightly) misaligned, even on the official blu-ray releases. My workaround currently is to use the built-in subtitle downloader to download the subtitle that’s already embedded and then modify the timing on this one instead. But of course, it would be much nicer if this was possible using the embedded subtitles.

I’ve added my like to the opening post, but seeing as there has been so little activity I figured it’d be better to reply as well.

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it’s unbelievable we even need to ask for this basic thing. if we can adjust external subtitles, why can’t we do the same for the internal ones?

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I love using this media player app, but there is one feature that I really wish it had, especially on Apple TV. Sometimes, the files I play have embedded subtitles that are not well synchronized with the audio. They might show up too late or too early, which is very annoying. I don’t need to adjust the subtitles very often, but when I do, it makes a big difference.

That’s why I think the app should have an option to change the offset of the embedded subtitles, just like it does for the external ones. This would make it much easier to watch the files without any hassle. I know I can use other software to extract the subtitles and have them sync, but other users might not want to do that. And sometimes, I prefer to have different subtitles than the ones that come with the file, in case they have errors or poor quality.

This feature is very common in most of the best macOS players, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask for. It would make this app even more awesome and user-friendly. Please, developers, consider adding this functionality to your app. It would make me and many other users very happy!

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All my other players on my Mac allow this! No clue why infuse doesn’t, it’s incredibly annoying, as someone who always puts a 1 second delay on subtitles.

Completely agree, it can be ever so frustrating sometimes.

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