Time of file not displaying in list view

Like the title says, for some reason every single video in Infuse has a time next to it to denote how long that file is, except for one. It’s found the meta data without issue but for that one particular file the time just won’t appear. Any help would be appreciated.

What type of file is this?

Can you try using the Edit option to refresh info for this file to see if that helps?

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve tried your suggestion but nothing changed unfortunately, as for the file type it’s the same as all my other files, a HEVC/x265 .mkv file. I have noticed that for the one file there is no video information under the description in the bottom left either. Not sure why that is as the file isn’t corrupted and plays fine on my computer and Infuse.

Any more suggestions?

Would you be able to upload this video so we could review it here?

I’ve just uploaded the video for you, hopefully that will help in some way.

We’ll take a look. Thanks!

We’ve managed to track down and resolve this. :slight_smile:

The fix will be available in the upcoming 5.6.9 update which is due out soon.

That’s great, thank you for all your help. I look forward to the new update

I’ve noticed that this will happen if movies are mid-rip or mid-transcode and the library picks up the file even though it isn’t ready yet.

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