Time capsule

Hi is it possible to use my time capsule as a hardrive only connection to infuse.

I basically want to connect the time capsule to my Apple TV via Ethernet and access the files with infuse. The time capsule won’t be anywhere near a internet connection.


Are you talking about a direct connection with the Apple TV connected to wireless? If so it won’t work. The Apple TV will work either wirelessly or wired.

If you set the Time Capsule up as a router, and connect the Apple TV via Ethernet, then yes Infuse will be able to access and play your videos. However, without an internet connection, some features like metadata fetching, subtitle downloads, and Trakt sync will not be available.

If you do plan to use Infuse without an internet connection, I’d recommend disabling ‘Metadata Fetching’ and enabling ‘Embedded Metadata’ in Infuse > Settings > General. Doing this will cause Infuse to generate metadata from the videos themselves, instead of trying to fetch it from the online databases.