Time Capsule with ATV2


Im could not find if the aTV Flash BETA is able to stream video’s from Apple’s Time Capsule without havind Itunes runned on a MAC.

Currently I have ATV2 and Apple TIme Capluse. If I now want to watch a movie I always need to turn on my MAC and run Itunes.

Thanks already for your answer.



Yes, media stored on a Time Capsule can be streamed directly to the AppleTV without using iTunes.

The only exception to this would be content that has been purchase through iTunes - this will still need to be streamed through iTunes as it contains embedded DRM.

Hi James,

Thanks for the answer. Do you perhaps also know where I can find the information about realising that?

Thanks again.


Sure. Details for setting up Media Player can be found here: http://support.firecore.com/entries/20322512-media-player