Time Capsule Remote Access

Hi everybody

I have all my files on Seagate Central (4tb) with remote access.

Infuse is set up in my local network and working fine.

I Bought a new apple tv 4 for my beach house and wonder to connect with my seagate central via vpn or something like that. DYNDNS is also configured in my router.

So… How can i connect all my movies files? Can i setup the infuse to access then?


Remote access can vary a bit by device, but the settings you are looking for would be the remote access details for FTP/SFTP or WebDAV. These are the preferred streaming options for remote locations.

Once you have these, you can plug them into Infuse to connect.

James …tks for your reply… but i need more help…

this is my entire config

  • DynDNS setup and working
  • brigde operator modem
  • time capsule redirecting to the desired ip and the 445 port.
    the seagate central dont have much config to do… and all my files i can access through tappin (seagate) website

i have no idea how can i make this works…

This is the most comprehensive guide I have found with regard to setting up remote access for a Time Capsule.