Time Capsule as Primary Storage.

I have an Apple Time Capsule which I keep all of my itunes on and link itunes to. Apple TV syncs via this, which is ok, but I’d like Apple TV to simply use the time capsule as its primary storage. With the latest 3.6.4 is this possible? I have never been able to get Apple TV to even see time capsule via USB, has anyone had this success. From that stage I’d want to set it as primary storage, but I don’t want to sync Apple TV for music, as that would put everything on the Time Capsule twice, I’d like Apple TV to just see it, plus this would need to work though the Music menu so its controllable from my iphone.

The more I write the more I decide this is not possible. Has anyone got any thoughts or ideas about this? Even just to solve my first issue, Apple TV seeing the TC via USB? It can see the TC via network, but Movies are stutterary.