Time Capsule and BIG movies folder.,,,

I can access, browse and play any files on my movies folder (1.4TB). But whenever I stop the movie (it does not matter if it’s playing a 600MB .avi or a huge 10GB .mkv) Infuse gets the dreaded ‘An error ocurred. The operation could not be completed’. This also happens when the movie ends and I go back to the movies folder. I can pause the movie no problem, though.

After that, I can’t access anymore the TimeCapsule via Infuse (not from the ATV4, not from the iPad and not from the iPhone) even if I restart the ATV4. The only solution so far is restarting the Time Capsule itself.

It must be an Infuse bug, because VLC keeps working flawlessly from the ATV4. I’ve never had this problem with my TV Shows folder (which is way smaller and divided in folders). Could it be because all the movies are in the same folder?

Thanks in advance…

We haven’t seen anything like this here, but one thing you may try is to browse videos through the Library option. This will be a cached view, and will not require the content loading of folders, which can take some time to update if there are many items inside.