Time Capsule and ATV Black

Is it possible to acces media from the Time Capsule from the ATV black media player?

I can access both USB hard drives connected to my TC… works… :slight_smile:

Sure it is and it works just great :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’ve encountered network problems with the following setup:

Router is linked via LAN to Time Capsule. Time Capsule builds wifi net. ATV 2 is linked via wifi to Time Capsule. My ATV also connects my receiver to my computer for airplay (via wifi).

While running a movie file, the OS from fire core (or ATV) stated, that my network bandwidth is not sufficient enough.

Before changing all the passwords and setup, I’d ilke to know, if the following configuration works:

Router builds wifi. ATV connects to wifi (e.g. for iTunes downloads). ATV and Time Capsule are linked via LAN.

a) Will I be able to access the TC via wifi to maintain (e.g. add or delete files)?

b) Will I be able to airplay from my iMac to my receiver via ATV?

c) Will I be able to read movie files from my TC with aTV Flash?


If there is a clear yes for a) to c), then I’d love to hear, where to put the LAN in the TC and what kind of configuration of the TC I have to choose.


Thanks for the help.