Tiles for Reading List


I have just created some playlist which brings together some very specific themes and I would like to know if there is a way to create your own tile like for favorites tiles .

i know that Infuse to create a tile based on the first media in the list but I would like to be able to create it entirely.


There isn’t an official way to do this, but what you could do is this.

  1. Create the image you want, and set it as fanart for the top-rated item (based on star rating) in the list
  2. Use the edit option on this item to update the artwork
  3. Use the Refresh Category Artwork option
  4. Remove the artwork and use the edit option on the item again

Doing this should allow Infuse to use your custom created artwork.

Thanks I’ll try tonight but I think I’ll scratch my head.

So by doing as you say I can use the image I want without the infused color layer.

I will make you come back

great, thank you

The color layer would still be there, but you would be able to control the underlying image.

ok so I have already achieved this result, simply by putting the film at the top of the list which the fanart interests me to be in the tile.
In fact I wanted to do like the favorites tiles where we chose our illustration without color layer

thanks anyway