Thumbnail instead of background wallpaper

i‘m currently using infuse on tvOS to stream my jellyfin content. The pictures for the latest added media in the top row are currently picked from the background image, which is also shown on the details page. In most of the cases it would look much better if the thumbnail would be used, which is also provided by jellyfin. Because in most cases it has the movie logo on it etc.

Would be nice to choose whic lh picture infuse is unsing for this.

Here a picture to see the difference (thumbnail vs background):

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Infuse uses TMDB’s “no language” fanart image in both cases. Ideally, Infuse would instead pull the fanart image associated with the users’ primary language for the top-row horizontal aspect thumbnail image instead — which usually contains the movie title in text or logo format — or simply use the default vertical poster images … but for now, Firecore has decided not to; and also not to allow users to set their own preference.

There is certainly already a thread requesting this change be implemented … probably @NC_Bullseye will soon move this request to that thread and remind you to hit ‘like’ on the first post in that thread to register your support.

For backdrops TMDB says this in their contribution bible.

Unlike posters, 99% of the time backdrops do not have text and should be left in ‘No Language’.

Backdrops with a title or language specific text should be set to the corresponding language.

This comes into play when you have separate logo artwork that gets overlaid on the backdrop.

I don’t use jellyfin so I don’t know how that plays into using specific artwork and a jellyfin server.

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One other thing, if you go to settings in Infuse and under “General” and set “Show Logos” to “On” you should see the movie logo on the backdrop. (verified on the “Triangle Of Sadness” movie)

Yes sure, it works for the backdrop on the details page, but not in the last added top row.

Picture 1 (how it looks like with the backdrop image):

Picture 2 (how it should look like):

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You make a good point, which serves to highlight why exclusively utilizing fanart images to represent content in the “Up Next” row is an odd choice; as users who aren’t familiar with the images served up might have no idea what movies or programs the images are meant to represent.

Here’s one of the previous threads requesting this issue be addressed.

Here’s another.

Actually two different concepts. The first is requesting that the landscape backdrop be changed to use the portrait movie poster.

The second is looking to add a new class of artwork.

To me the simplest and maybe easiest way to address this is to add the logo to the up next/watching list at the top of the home page. Then both places have the name of the show as well as complying with the language prefs as long as there’s a logo in the correct language.

Just my two cents and sorry to the OP for the derail. :wink:

Just a suggestion to accomplish this using the current version of Infuse to get through until things change, if you want the name with the backdrop in the up next/watching list you can override the fanart following directions here.

Then you will end up with this.

I used the image on TMDB under backdrop/English

No offense, but that’s kind of a terrible solution since that overrides fanart everywhere — including where it is used nearly full-screen on movie and TV series’ details pages — and having images with text backgrounding Infuse’s UI text (titles, video specs, audio specs, plot summaries, ratings, codec logos) is definitely not something anyone would desire.

That also would require someone to load custom art for every title they might ever want to watch (so, basically everything in their collection) … just so the Up Next list has identifiable thumb nails. Not exactly user friendly.

Yes, this is the image I was referring to when I said

Read the line just before what you quoted.

Strictly just giving an option IF they want to do something in the interum.

And regarding everything else you said, again the option of placing the logo on the up next/watching list would solve the problem also.

I see the possibility of overwriting it, but thats way to much work just for having nicer looks…

But the solution in this case is pretty simple i guess, by just pulling the fanart thumbnails downloaded by Jellyfin…

The webversion of Jellyfin is using these files in it’s „next up“ category and it looks spot on:

I use Emby and noticed the same thing… the “Thumb” image is what Emby (and apparently Jellyfish) use for this type of thing. I’m don’t think it’s a concept in TMDB/TVDB as a separate category, but here’s an example on

I would really like to see this implemented in future versions - please vote up guys

Yeah, that would be the biggest problem — TMDB does not provide the image type.

Infuse would need to use the background fanart with logo (or the language specific background fanart which includes the logos burned in) — but those images would all need to be scaled down from as much as 4K resolution. Maybe it could be done on demand as titles appear in that part of the UI without much of a resource hit, but I image Firecore would be loath to do anything that slowed down the responsiveness.