Thumbnail cover art with mkv files

Hi all, first time post so forgive my ignorance. I’ve settled on mkv as my file format but realized these files are not getting the cover art like an m4v file. My mkv files get a shot of the video only after it has been played once.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance and looking forward to learning more about infuse!

Are these TV shows by chance? TheTVDb has been experiencing some downtime over the past week.

You can keep an eye on the current status here.

So, since TheTVDB is have frequent downtime … is there a way to force Infuse to fetch somewhere else? Or should we disable TV Show folder in Library so to speed up the process a bit? Thanks!

Not TV shows. My DVD library is mostly concert videos(about 200). Last night I renames a few titles with periods between the words in name and that seemed to work. Not fun 200 times but of it works…