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are thumb tags supported in nfo files? This doesn’t seem to work. Or rather I don’t see the image. And… do the thumbs work for the cast as well?

A related question, when I use an .nfo and start playing this I see Trakt is tracking the wrong movie. The “V movie” is known at Trakt how I named it. I created this file because somehow it got identified as “Space Gundam V”, which is what is being tracked.

Shouldn’t that be V at the moment?

<thumb> is not a supported tag at this time. To override this, you can add a poster or fanart image and place it next to your video file.

You can also add cast artwork. An example NFO file which lists all the supported fields can be found at the end of this guide.

Thanks, that only leaves the other question. When I play the file I notice that the original title it wanted to use “Space Gundam V” is the movie that is being watched on Trakt. As V: The Original Miniseries is on Trakt, I expected that to be the one I watched…

Infuse will use the IMDB/TMDB ID when scrobbling data to Trakt, so this will match the original fetched title. The overridden title only applies to what you see in Infuse.

However, since the item you want is actually listed as a miniseries on TMDB, you can have Infuse auto-match this by naming the files like a TV show.



So, basically this is where Infuse drops the ball big time… This means I cannot use Metadata Fetching.

This is a single file, and I’ve had this before with The Stand.

Just because it was broadcasted once upon a time, it current mean you can’t but it on DVD as a single movie.

I know TMDB is not your work, but giving the lotion to override without overriding is ludicrous!

When will three use of TMDB vs. TVDB vs. IMDB be a fact (and I rather prefer to book into Trakt itself add that is the one I deal with to track…)

When I supply my files with.nfo files from the start with Metadata Fetching turned off, what will Trakt be told is playing?

Trakt scrobbling currently only works with metadata fetching enabled.

For cases like this where there are dual episodes in a single file you can follow this suggestion thread, which is currently marked as planned.

Any particular reason why those two are linked? When I override, I expect Infuse to listen to the overrides. After all, I override! I tell Infuse it is wrong and it should use these parameters. This sounds to me like taking a taxi, asking to go to address A and have the driver take me to address B. Or an anti-spam program throwing away non-spam mail even if I say it isn’t spam.

Let’s just assume I watch this V. And after, I update Trakt so the time spent on Gundam Space V, is spent on V.

Then I start Infuse again and it does the fetching. It checks with Trakt about watch status… What does it check? Gundam Space V? Or V the miniseries?

As far as the naming suggestion, it is planned. That doesn’t help. Is there a roadmap? Planned can also mean in 3 years time.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, finales on many series… They usually get concatenated into a single file/broadcast. So I agree that it is about time that possibility is here.

But override still means override…I decide, not Infuse!

To ensure accuracy, Infuse sends the IMDb ID to Trakt to tell it what is playing. This ID is used by Trakt as well as all of the databases and media servers, and is the most consistent option. The only way to get this is by using the Metadata Fetching feature.

The overriding options in Infuse are usually used for things like home movies, or for customizing the display title, like adding details about a specific cut, EG Blade Runner - Final Cut.

There are of course other uses for NFO files, but core features like Trakt, OpenSubtitles, watched status sync, etc… all rely on the underlying IMDb ID.

Also, manually overriding this is trickier than it sounds since Trakt also has this listed as 2 parts. If you finish watching a single video, which should it say you watched - part 1 or part 2?

Just FYI, the V 1983 DVD when played has E01 complete with credits then starts E02 and is also broken into multiple chapters for each episode.

You can watch it continuous if you want but it is divided into 2 episodes on the DVD also.

Trakt also has it listed as a single movieehich I linked to before
I can understand that getting the IMDB is a little bit of work but it is is simply in the url of the link ergo tt0085106. When people take the trouble to make an .nfo or .xml I doubt this would be rocket science to them.

Granted, sometimes it will be a bit mysitifying as all the 1983 entries in Trakt link to the same IMDB page, so there has to be more to it.

as Kodi says I could add a <uniqueid type="imdb" default="true">tt0085106</uniqueid> tag to the .nfo so that the ID you send to Trakt is known.

True, and so does my file. At around 1h45m as that is the episode length, lol.

That appears to be a page auto-created from a now defunct TMDB page (clicking the TMDB link on that page leads to a dead link). Sometimes TMDB users create things which aren’t correct, and it looks like Trakt may have cached this info before it was removed by TMDB mods.

IMDB links on both pages point to the same IMDB miniseries, so it’s likely the movie listing on Trakt will be removed at some point during a round of housekeeping.

I’m not familiar with this title so I can’t speak to how it should be classified - I’m just going off the info I’m able to find on the sources of truth Infuse relies on.

And this is exactly why I don’t want TMDB! They do this all the time…

I’d rather take my chances with Trakt, but then the overrides should work as expected, ergo… Dare I say it: override!

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