Through Plex or not?

Hey there!

Recently Plex had a plethora of annoying bugs. I bought the lifetime license in 2014, and over the years, I honestly struggle to remember a single pain-free period.

After using Infuse for some time on my iPhone, I enjoyed trying it on an Apple TV 4K and decided it’s about time to move on.

My question is simple: does it make sense to keep PMS around as a backend for Infuse, or should I feed Infuse my library directly? (in that context, would be better SMB or NFS?) The setup would be my local ZFS NAS directly wired to the new Apple TV 4K (once is available in May), LG C8, and Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar.

Researching about the topic, I find only old info from 2019-ish where people consider Plex metadata capability superior and Infuse cannot handle large libraries of 5K+ media (mine is currently over 9000). Anything else to be aware of (besides the audio conversion to LPCM)?



Personally apart from the metadata management and smart playlists I see no reason why I would keep the integration. Metadata management should be something that is on the roadmap for Infuse, @james will have more info on that I am sure.

In my set up i have both, PMS installed directly on WD My Cloud and a NAS SMB share on Infuse, with PMS managing all my series playback backend and Infuse handling movie playback directly.

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If you have Infuse already you really don’t have a thing to lose by adding an Infuse direct share to your media and turn off/delete the plex share and see what you think. That would show you exactly what your library will look like where others may have a different preference of what they see. If you don’t like the way Infuse handles your library then you can just add the Plex share back and your not out anything but a little time. :wink:

I’ve had sterling performance with SMB to a Synology share even with 4K files.


@m4r1k You can read through this thread on metadata discussion…

@m4r1k Take this from a guy who has more media than I could possibly watch in a lifetime running through both Plex and Infuse…

I have paid for Plex Lifetime sometime in 2013/2014 and paid for Infuse about 15 minutes after installing it the first time… Both are great at what they are geared for**

I have made public comments on Plex social feeds regarding their incompetent players, but I honestly think it is on of, if not the, best Media Managers out there… In any given scenario, no matter what backend you choose to use, you can within libraries go and make changes as you want and it will be absolute magic…

Whatever you do, don’t use Plex to try and play media though, that will just suck.

Infuse excels at playing anything you throw at it and has been my daily driver. I have not found a single thing wrong with Infuse that wasn’t resolved quick and easy, and most of the time the issue was a fat finger issue on my side.

Regarding the media management of Infuse and their change in backend, as you know Plex has also updated their backend to use TheMovieDB, so you should have a pretty good idea on how your media will be mapped if you have updated your libraries to use the new scanners…

Sounds like you are running a local Plex anyway, so @NC_Bullseye comment re running it side by side for a while should give you better clarity…

Good luck and let us know if you need more info!


I have used Plex for 10 years now, and I also believe their media players are awful. But, their server side software is really solid, IMHO. Yes, it could have more features, but what it does, it does really well IMHO.

Couple that with Infuse, and you have the best of both worlds (Short of support for extras, here’s looking at you Infuse developers).

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Welcome M4r1k,

I prefer NFS shares from my NAS units directly to my ATV4K or wirelessly to my Mac.

I don’t really have anything against plex. I just like simple and it’s more simple if you eliminate it.

If I have any metadata concerns or poster art preference I can take care of that myself with the information here.

I have low frills cheap NAS units and have found NFS to be 10x faster than SMB in my local network.

Thanks guys for all your comments!

I made up my mind, hopefully, the new ATV is gonna come in by mid-May, and once has arrived I’ll test with and without PMS. Effectively all my issues are with the Plex player and not with the server.

Let me keep you posted in the next weeks on how this whole process goes :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


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