Three "suggestions" which will make me delete Plex forever

Don’t get me wrong… Infuse is great. But there are still a couple of things missing which means I have to connect to a Plex server. So I have to have a PC running at all times which is not “ideal”

My three suggestions are (and i am not going to expand on them as I am sure they are all over the froum):

  1. Customisable collections with custom artwork (Not playlists) which are also collapsed when viewing the “All Movies” section
  2. Multiple user support (with a login on startup), each with their own library
  3. More library categories (Really want to move the kids animation movies out of the all movies category)

Short and sweet…

Thanks for a great piece of software regardless


You can achieve #3 by placing all the Kids animated movies into a separate folder, adding it as a favourite and ensuring that folder is deselected from the Library.
That way the Kids movies are still easily accessible but not cluttering up the All Movies category.
Works great for me.


Thanks. Will check it out. (Never thought of that :man_facepalming:)

There’s a currently running thread in the suggestions forum for this already you can add your support to.

This is currently available in Infuse, if you go to the Library > By Genre there are sorts for both animation and family movies that you can create a favorite from to appear on the home page.

You other option to move them totally out is to place them in a directory that isn’t scanned in the library settings and then create a favorite for that directory.

One thing to keep in mind when you enter a suggest in the forum, it’s best to keep it to one suggestion per thread instead of multiple suggestions in one so each can stand on it’s own with other users and each can be upvoted individually.

Customizable collections is on our wishlist. :slight_smile:


Because AppleTV not intended to be used by more than one person and infuse is not supported on other platforms, i dont think we need a multiuser functionality by now.

Apple seems to disagree

This function only switches your game account. All music, movies, apps and etc remains the same (from the owner’s apple id)

You can set up the ATV with multiple apple IDs. This allows the user to see his music library. Shows he has purchased. It is what family sharing is all about.

Prime example is one apple tv being used in a house by “roommates”. Each has their own apple ID but they share on ATV.

Which is why the request to have multiple users on Infuse, each with their own library was suggested.

This would also work for a family where the parents have one library and the children have their own. Even though the source files are shared, seperate libraries will allow for better watch history, parental control etc.

Also let’s not confuse Apple TV streaming service with the Apple TV device itself

This is a request for the Apple TV 4K hardware

Im using infuse on “streaming service” or on the “hardware”?

On my tv there is 3 linked accounts but all the movies, music and everything else used only from mine. If ill switch to other accs, it does nothing.