Thoughts from aTV Flash Infuse user

Initial thoughts after playing around just a little with Apple TV 4 version:

Way cool.
Smooth UI.
Wow this is slow loading movies for me from my Synology NAS with a wired Ethernet connection, and switching to 802.11ac WiFi doesn’t seem to help. There’s a good 45-60 seconds before the start of playing almost any movie, whereas the old aTV Flash is just a second or two. FTP sharing may be a bit faster than SMB but it’s still unbearably slow.
Plus movie playback often stops totally and I get a spinner for 45-60 seconds.
Clearly doesn’t handle folder-based metadata like the old aTV Flash version, as tons of folders/files aren’t getting automatically recognized.
No search. Wait, NO SEARCH AT ALL? You have to navigate through giant icons only?

I have a sound issues as well. DTS passthrough doesn’t work with my Denon receiver. Not sure why, again the old aTV Flash version is ok. This new version plays a horrible static noise if I try DTS passthrough/DTS over HDMI.

I really, really want to like this but I feel like something in my network is making this too slow to be useful.

What Synology model do you have? And what’s the speed when transferring files to/from it from a pc via SMB?

The slow loading times is a big issue for me too… other media players on TvOs don’t appear to have the same issue…

As far as the issues with your Denon Amp go, a few users have had the same issue and appear to have fixed it by turning off the “soften loud noises” feature in the settings (I’m not sure if that is the correct phrase but it’s something like that)… And turn the audio from Auto to 16bit…

Have you tried voice search with Siri while using the app.?


It’s a Synology DS1512+. I just did a quick test from an old circa-2012 HTPC running Windows 10 with a wired 100BASE-TX Ethernet on the same switch with the Apple TV 4 and it got 9.1 MB/s (72.8 Mbps) reading a video file over SMB that takes 60+ seconds for Infuse on my Apple TV 4 to start playing and also stops often during playback (buffering?). That HTPC running PowerDVD plays that media file, and other media files, perfectly.

I don’t know if this is a legit test, but my Apple TV 4 does show 90 Mbps download speeds and 15 Mbps upload speeds for my Internet connection using the Speedtest app from the Apple TV App Store. So the wired Ethernet connection appears to work at expected speeds at least using a benchmark app?

In order to me to get Dolby Digital from other Apple TV apps over HDMI, the only system audio setting that works for me is to set Surround Sound to “Dolby Surround” and audio mode to “16 bit”. So I leave those set that way permanently.

I just set “Reduce Loud Noises” in Settings/Audio and Video to “Off” (it was “On”, I had not noticed) and BINGO, DTS Passthrough now works with my Denon AVR-X2100W. Thanks Mort.

Now if I can only figure out why file access for me is so unbearably slow.

I had not, but just tried it. Siri doesn’t seem to search the Infuse library, but I wasn’t expecting that as I don’t think Apple is allowing the indexing of 3rd party apps yet… are they?

O.K. so, I’ve just had a play around with my setup to try and get things working more smoothly… I have a Synology DS215 NAS wired via a Gigabit switch to my Apple TV…

I had always used SMB but tried turning on FTP on the Synology to see if things were any better… WOW, major speed increase for me… The menus load noticeably quicker that SMB… Movie files still take 5-7 seconds to load but it’s an improvement over the 15 seconds it took previously…

Well worth give FTP a try if your setup will allow it…


I’d already switched from SMB to FTP, it’s a bit faster but still quite slow.

But, just to give you an idea, loading the latest fan preservation “despecialized edition” of a well-known epic sci-fi movie:

Apple TV (4th generation) A1635 (64GB) running tvOS 9.1 (13U85) using Infuse Pro (I think 4.0.1 but not sure how to check) over FTP share: 28 seconds for movie playback to start from selecting “Start from Beginning” after hitting “Play”, immediately pauses 4 seconds in with spinner, then takes 1 minute 35 seconds to playback to continue, pauses again after 30 seconds of playback… then I gave up.

Apple TV (2nd generation) MC572LL/A running iOS 6.1.1 (6105) using Infuse (2.5-554) over SMB share: 10 seconds for movie playback to start from selecting the media file, no pauses or stuttering at all, plays flawlessly

I think Infuse may be slow but it also doesn’t seem to work well on my LAN, but it only seems to impact Infuse and not other Apple TV apps, such as Plex which is snappy and fast. Here’s my path from NAS to Infuse in case it helps:

Synology DS-1512+ NAS ↔ 2x 1 Gbps Ethernet LAG (2 Gbps bond) ↔ NETGEAR GS108Tv2 managed Ethernet switch ↔ 1 Gbps Ethernet ↔ TRENDnet TEG-S80g v3.0R unmanaged Ethernet switch ↔ Apple TV/Infuse ↔ HDMI ↔ Denon-AVR-X2100W receiver

The quick throughput test in my earlier post used a tiny Lenovo Q180 HTPC (which plays back from the NAS perfectly) attached to the same TRENDnet switch and Denon receiver as the Apple TV.

That does sound like a long time to start playing… Just to give you an idea of my setup…

I only have 10-15 movies in my collection (I tend not to keep them, only have stuff I haven’t seen) they’re all remux from bluray with with DTS-HD or TrueHD audio, around 25-40gb size per file…

My Synology DS215 NAS is connected to the same gigabit switch that my Apple TV (64gb) is connected to… The switch is connected to a Netgear gigabit router…

The most I have to wait is up to 10sec for a movie to start… (Which I think is still too much)

Hope this helps,


One interesting difference of the old aTV Flash Infuse and the new Infuse app is that the playback start “feels” faster on the old aTV Flash version because after a second or so of the spinner it displays “Buffering…” above the spinner. That was a nice UI touch so that the 10 seconds “felt” more reasonable instead of just the spinner.

Then again, maybe it just “feels” that way because I see that spinner so much with the new Infuse app.

Good news is that we can expect significantly faster startup in the 4.0.2 release (and generally snappier performance overall). I believe that it is already with Apple so should not be far off.

I was playing around with Plex as an alternative, and using a Plex Media Server as a UPnP/DLNA share resulted in instant playback (maybe one second?) using Infuse with no stopping/pausing of playback on my network.

I offer no explanation why UPnP/DLNA is fast (it does take a while to show a list of media, but playback is lightning-quick) while FTP and SMB are unusably slow.

Just tried 4.0.2 with FTP shares and everything was instant. I think I will now play around with it!

Have the same problems with my Atv4 64gb. SMB takes 30seconds. Tried ftp and sftp, but both take longer than SMB. This is way to long. Also no search function and no possibility to jump in the list faster or to a specific letter? Come on! Thinking about using some other App.

Have these issues with Synology and slow speeds been fixed?

Recent Infuse versions all seem ok with SMB on recent Synology DSM versions.