Those who have used both PLEX and Infuse4

So I put Plex on my Xbox One. Streamed a 1080p 5.1 movie, sound was not very loud, so I had to crank my Bose Soundtouch soundbar. However if I load up my AppleTV, and play the same movie on Infuse, the sound is nice and loud (sometimes too loud). Any reason for the difference in sound with same movie, different app/platform?

Infuse have DTS and Dolby support. Plex not.

I believe the Xbox one does support AC3 5.1channel sound, but it does not support DTS other than directly from blu ray. So Plex will convert DTS 5.1channel to stereo sound, and the voices won’t come out of the center speaker properly, so you have to crank the volume to hear the voices.

Here’s the plex formats Xbox one does support, DTS is described at the bottom