this vs. regular atv

i'm curious as to what the point is of this.  to me, it seems like the only real thing that this does over the regular one is internet - but it doesn't even support flash (which i'm sure if it's even possible, so its not a knock on you guys).  but what else is the real benefit?  it seems like i supports other video formats, but handbrake converts everything to an atv format for free.

i'm not trying to diminish what you guys are doing, but unless this thing will enable hulu (even hulu +) or espn3 (which looks like its flash) i don't get what this offers.

It's mainly about flexibility. The option to covert everything using Handbrake is nice, but if you have a large collection of movies converting each and every one to a special format can be very time consuming. Additionally you will lose a fair amount of quality (not to mention DVD menus, special features, etc...) when converting with Handbrake.

So essentially if you've gone through the trouble of converting and cataloging everything in iTunes you may not realize the full benefit of what aTV Flash (black) will soon offer, but those with mixed media collections who wish to stream directly from a NAS will be well served by the features that are right around the corner.

Keith it's like music... it makes great sense to the creator—and to most of the people who appreciate it, but there will always be some (probably the vast majority of the world) who will never understand what it is. And thats not to knock you as a musician. I understand musicians and I understand what firecore is trying to do. If you like your atv the way it is fine. You got it. But there are a great number of folks that would like the atv to live up to it's potential, which is to be a low cost viable machine to fill a void, and not be held to a few constraints of either a cable to send a vast nuber of movies (and even internet) to their tv's in other rooms around the house. And to do this for lets just say $130.00 (atv + software). Like you many of us already own a lot of movies that we ripped thru handbrake (as avi files) and the thought of redoing the comversion process again and then have to load up itunes with that content is ridiculous. The firecore guys are doing their best to save a lot of us from that task. And it will even let others with families keep peace in thier household by giving a few rooms the use of internet and entertainment without paying that kings ransom.

We know musicians and producers have bank, and can afford to buy all the latest toys, but this keeps all the other guys in the game without the expense. So in closing open up your minds eye and see it from other perspectives. You just may love it. And if you don't make the  contribution anyway and test the product out after they are finished work. (No I don't work for the compaany— but I do support their dream [ it's like music to my eyes]).


Keep up the work fire core guys!!!!!

don't get me wrong.  i think it will be great to support other video formats - especially .mkv (but i don't even see that on the list of supported files) - if it did, i would get it for just that ($30 isn't much at all).

but my main disappointment is the fact that flash won't be able to work.  i was really hoping to get espn3 and hulu on my atv - and it kind of sounds like they are abandoning it.

i personally know of 20 or so people that would buy an appletv and firecore if hulu and espn3 would work, so if it's possible i'm strongly encouraging you guys to pursue it.

this makes me believe that apple's main reason for not supporting flash is to encourage rentals on itunes - i don't buy the battery life thing (especially on atv, the thing is plugged in).

Like Keith I have been thinking about this same question, what are the advantages of getting this.

Mainly it is for not having to convert files into iTunes acceptable codec it seems.

You can get Hulu from Plex right? any one know how that works on apple tv 2?