This version of aTV Flash is out of date

I bought aTV flash a few years ago and no longer have the update service.

I inadvertently lost my aTV Flash install on my first generation AppleTV and I’m trying to install from my original media but it says my flash (v4.1.5) is out of date. How do I install the software?  Do I have to buy the software again?

If you have a valid license the latest version will always be available in your account.

If your license has expired you will be prompted to renew at a discounted price.

When I bought the software I clearly understood that I would only get updates during my subscription period.

However, It’s not right that I can no longer install the version I paid for.

That’s how I understand it as well. I’ve paid for both aTV Flash (black) and the 1st generation version, though I think the 1st generation price was a bit steep, I thought it was still worth it since I’m quite happy with the “black” version, but it’s disappointing to know that in 1 year from now, I won’t even be able to install the software anymore, if that’s the case. I also thought it’s only updates you would be able to get during the subscription period.

Old versions are deactivated for a few reasons, but the main reason being compatibility. Both the aTV Flash and aTV Flash (black) installers will add a mix of static (bundled inside the installer) and dynamic (downloaded from the web during installation) content to the AppleTV. While the dynamic content will always be the latest version, the static content included in each installer will not be. Mixing old and new content can lead to a number of potential problems which we want to avoid.

That said, once installed the software will continue to work indefinitely, and you’ll actually be able to receive a number of updates even if you have an expired license. However, only current (or at least recent) versions of aTV Flash or aTV Flash (black) can be installed.

However, to ensure there are no hard feelings I’d be happy to provide you with a copy of the current 4.4 version. Just shoot me a PM with your original order details. Hopefully we can win you back. :)

I was passing my ATV 1st Gen, to my brother cause he was going on Deployment to Afghanistan, So I factory reset it and loaded the newest version of ATV flash…but now I find it doesn’t support VLC player which could play the large .MKV files…I deeply deeply regret doing this…is there anyway to get an earlier version of ATV flash and install it.


It was just about perfect…



VLC is only supported on the AppleTV 2.4 and earlier software. Unfortunately there’s no way to use VLC on the 3.0 and later software.

Hello, just to let you know; I’m the same situation.

I would like to format the ATV to clean it up and reinstall from scratch the Firecore sofware I paid for but I CAN’T!

Seems a quite “unusual” politic; for what seems to be a technical limit (conficts between auto updates and old licenses) the company actually leaves customer in a “cul de sac”!!!

Hope in a solution!!

I to have found it hard to get over the fact that after your peroid of updates are over you can’t reinstall the older Atv after updating the apple tv.


I see in one post you can buy it again for a cheaper price but the only price I can see is first time buyers can buy it for, those who never paid the 1st price of around $50, in the end of the day all I want to do is update my apple tv and reinstall the fire core product I had bought so it’s back to what it was before the update.

I think this is a great product but the wording at the statement of sale should have been that after the end of your updates the product will no longer beable to be reinstalled on to your apple tv.

Cheers for looking into this I have bought you ATV2 product and think its great, but need to know what to do about the above.

I would have to agree with all of you. As for me, I paid for ATV Flash Black but would also like the original ATV Flash, but who wants to pay an extra $50.00 when i already paid for something.

i have another problem, im trying to downgrade from 5.1 > 4.4.2 > 4.4.4 and are stuck at the last step of this guide: since i need to use atvflash 1.4 and not later versions to save my blobs, with 2.0 nothing happens when i click save and i cannot install 1.4 :frowning: why limit us from installing older versions of software we paid for?


Just a question - do you have saved blobs for the 4.4.4 release?   If you have you should be able to go directly to that release.   If you have not you will not be able to get to that release via the route you suggest.

I’m another person who in good faith purchased aTV Flash, had to reset, and finds that they can’t reinstall what they paid for.

Without digging into the Wayback machine I just went through the order process to see whether maybe I had an attack of the stupids and missed a clear statement that you would not be entitled to re-install the original software you purchased after one year.

It says ‘1 year of updates’. No mention of not being able to re-install the original software.

I really think that this is playing with people; I have PM’d James to see of he would extend the kind offer of an install file he made to another person in this thread, no reply. I have submitted a support request. No reply other than the automatic we got your request.

I work in communications; you Firecore guys have GOT to know that your policy is unclear and results in misunderstanding but are afraid of making it clear in case it puts people off purchasing. If you think the policy is all that great, then be up-front and honest about it. I know if it’s obvious something on my websites causes confusion, it gets changed, quick. WHy don;t you act to avoid the misconceptions and ill will that they cause?

Really so very not impressed at this stage…

Just to update thing; Firecore got in contact with me and sorted the situation out, Happy now!  :-)

That’s nice they got back to you and have sortied it i’m still waiting for a reply, I’m thinking they may think old post don’t count and people just forget they paid money for a product plus a service.

Hi, I’am in the same situation, I did pull out a ticket. I do not want a new version of TV-Black i just want to use the one i Payed for not long ago… shame on you guys. I was happy using tv-flash but not anymore.

Best Regards