This version of ATV flash (black) is out of date? >:-|

My apple TV 2 had some problems that necessitated restoring the device back to default 5.3.  After restoring the apple TV via Seas0npass, I tried to reinstall the most recent version prior to the recent critical update on May 28th, 2014.  The installer won't continue because it says that it’s not the newest version, and I feel like I have been cheated.  During my purchase I was lead to believe that a lifetime subscription was only for updates, not as ransom should you have to restore/replace/repair your apple TV.


Googling the problem after it became apparent that I couldn’t reinstall, shows that people on this forum have had this problem for years, and they where overwhelmingly under the same understanding as me.

 I could just update to the lifetime, but I don’t feel that at the moment there is anything that is offered that is worth $29.99 more than the functionality that I had already paid for.  I have been waiting for firecore to release a jailbreak for a newer IOS, or to release a jailbreak for the ATV 3, or make infuse browse my NAS shares as fast as my WD live Hub, or something more than fixing metadata fetching. otherwise paying for a lifetime membership just feels like I have been swindled in order to be able to do almost exactly the same thing that I had 45 minutes ago before I restored my ATV2.

Any way to resolve this?


***UPDATE 7/15/2014***

Firecore support addressed and fixed my issue.  Great customer support, I hope that we get them on newer ios ATV2, or better yet ATV3 someday.

So, do you want to share the solution to this? I wanted to use an older ATV Flash for mine, because 2.4 has been giving me grief, and for the same reason as you state… I cannot. I do have a lifetime licence, but believe a downgrade of the software would help with my Plex problems.