This site is in desperate need of FAQs

Hey admin,

I think the trouble with my .avi’s is the ATV CPU isn’t fast enough to play my files. They are encoded with the following:

h.264 @ 2500kbps
AC3 Audio
in an .avi container

My Macs play them fine. ATV plays them with no video (dropping frames I guess) or the video stutters so bad you can’t watch them.

Can someone add or create a FAQ or sticky that tells us what the maximum files specifications can be? I presume to follow Apples’ specs they post would be a good starting point but, different file types specs will be different.

Please advise.

My guess is that it isn’t the CPU, but the .avi codec currently being used.

Its probably only a matter of time before a new, revised codec comes out to address your problem.