This program finally works for me. Thanks.

I’d rather by a mdp to hdmI. I know it will work.

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Is there a specific issue you are running into?

Yes. Read: How does this program work, which is an earlier topic. On top of the media player not working, I opened xmbc and have no idea how to make it work or link to my mac. I can’t see any help files any where. The only thing that seems to work is the couch surfer pro, which doesn’t really interest me and it is very slow to load a web page.

You would think that since my ATV already has an established link to my main computer and laptop, that new programs added, would be able to share that same link and find the media that I would like to play. I just wanted something that would easily play some AVI and MKV files, so that I would not have to always convert them to MP4 for itunes. You shouldn’t have to be a computer geek to use a program.

Since this is a beta program, I can understand there being bugs, but at this point, unless there is a simple solution to make media playback possible for me, I would prefer to get my money back.

Sorry - your experience is definitely not typical.

I just replied to your other post and we’d love to help get you up and running, though if you prefer a refund just send in an email using the link below and we’ll get it taken care of.

Thanks James. If you want to delete this thread and just stick to one thread, that would be easier. If you can walk me through a way to get this working, I would very much appreciate that. If we can’t get it to work, then I would like a refund. Thanks, Ted.