This movie is not played

Hi! A specific video file is not played via Google drive, although everything is fine with it. The same mplayer plays the stream without problems. And Infuse just loads and does not play. J5WTD

Offline playback from a computer also leads to application freezes or just endless downloads. Other players play without problems.

Remarkably, a small clipping of this file is played, but not the entire movie.

I want to note that it is not played on any platform. TV os,ios, ipad os…

Video file data
Avengers Age of Ultron.txt (4.9 KB)

James, please help with the problem.

We have a fix for a similar issue which is affecting certain files coming in the 7.3.6 update.

If you’d like to try a beta version via TestFlight, please drop me a PM.