This is simply not working...UGH!

OK, I’m pulling out my hair trying to jailbreak my ATV2…Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Here’s my scenario:

ATV2 on 5.0.2

iTunes 11.0.2

Latest Seas0n Pass

Windows XP PC


I go thru the steps and get hung up in iTunes w/ the 3194 error.  I’ve gone into my “hosts” file and tried both deleting the “” line and changing the IP address on that line to one that was mentioned in the forums…neither option works.


What am I missing?  man, I thought this was going to be easier…

Thanks in advance

Currently the only release that Apple is signing is 5.2.1, and currently there is no jailbreak for that release.

No offense but what does that have to do with my issue?  My ATV2 is on 5.0.2. 

Because apple won’t sign that version anymore. You must use the ifaith method, there is no current season pass jailbreak.

Do you have the shsh lobs for that release on your ATV2? If not then simply trying jailbreaking via SeasonPass will not work. You did not mention having them so I assumed you had not.

What you can do is go down the route of using iFaith to get the shsh blobs for the 5.0.2 release from your current ATV2, and then jailbreak using those.

Thanks guys but I’m officially giving up…Spent wayy too much time on this.  iFaith (1.5.5) didn’t work, and I’ve read so many contradictory stuff on the web and gotten so many iTunes recovery errors I’m done.

I thought this was going to be a lot easier going in…Of well, off to NetFlix…

OK…so I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of “Screw this…I’m going to make this work!”


I want to try the “iFaith method” but am stuck…I have iFaith 1.5.5 but I get an error of “cannot dump unknown blobs”.  before that it would just hang at step 5 “Waiting for Apple TV”

What am I missing?