This device isn't eligible

I just brought an apple tv 2. On the device in 4.4.4 and I’m trying to jailbreak it but when it comes to the point when it communicates with apple it states the the restore can’t take place because it’s not eligible. 


Please help. 

Follow this instruction. Reason is the Apple stops signing the 4.4.4 few days ago.

A bit complicated, but it works if you do it right.

I JB my 4.4.4 yesterday, it went smoothly

I am getting error message on the last step while I am trying to restore the firmware using iTunes, everything else ran smoothly!

I’ve had no luck at all. I can’t even get passed the first step. Do you think it’s possible to jailbreak but with 4.4.3?

I’ve tried using 4.4.4, and it worked well until last step but update from iTunes didn’t work  :frowning: